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'In all the merger cases we need to ensure that there is a limited time period [given to the parties] to make a final decision on the transaction, so that by the end of that period investors get a clear picture whether the merger is going to happen or being called off,' H E Abdullah bin Salim al Salmi, executive president of the CMA told Muscat Daily .
While it is true that mergers are subject of review, this is not aimed at prohibiting a merger.
The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Governor Jamil Ahmed appeared before the court, informing that the SBP had no objection to the merger of the two banks.
The Merger Agreement was approved on August 2, 2017 at a special meeting of the shareholders of Straight Path.
However, a few hurdles remain ahead of the merger. Ahn must hold a party convention possibly within this month, for the party to finalize the merger.
This Commentary describes the results of a recent analysis exploring the effects of merger control policy, one key aspect of antitrust policy, on merger activity in the banking sector (Carletti et al., 2017).
After merger, merged banks are overall efficient because average mean value is 0.25 as compared to pre-merger 0.18.
The statement said under section 11 of the Competition Act, 2010, the undertakings intending to acquire the shares or assets of another undertaking, or two or more undertakings intending to merge and meet the pre-merger notification thresholds stipulated in the merger regulations, have to apply for clearance from the Competition Commission of Pakistan.
Merger and Acquisition and Financial Performance in Pakistan
To analyze the impact of merger on the financial performance of Banks in the pre and post merger period.
53/2003)--in articles 173-174--and the Law no 67/2006 regarding the protection of employees' rights in the event of transfer of undertakings, businesses, or parts of them, represent the legal frame as regards the protection of employees in case of merger. The idea of such protective provisions does not belong to the Romanian legislator, their existence being in fact the transposition of the European Union provisions in the field.