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M/SMeter(s) per Second
M/SModeling and Simulation
M/SMail Stop (postal abbreviation)
M/SMessieurs (plural of Mister)
M/Smiles per second
M/SMotor Ship
M/SMiniature Sheet (of stamps)
M/SMessage Switch
M/SMonths After Sight
M/SMedia and Status
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In this model, the corporate mainframe is the focal point and serves as the primary message switch and mail repository.
With the announcement of TIBCO FTL Message Switch, TIBCO becomes the first company to introduce a truly integrated solution that brings together messaging and networking.
The new Aeronautical message switch, based on the latest generation of the high-end Thales AERMAC product release, natively embeds AMHS function as well as full compliance to the new ICAO Flight Plan 2012 format.
A seamless service management interface is provided by VASP Manager to Rancard's mobile message switch, payments gateway and content hosting applications.
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