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METMetallica (band)
METMechanical Engineering Technology (college course)
METManufacturing Engineering
METMethionine (Amino Acid)
METMetabolic Equivalent
METMetafile (filename extension OS/2 operating system)
METMission Elapsed Time (NASA)
METMiddle European Time (CET)
METMission Essential Task
METMemory Enhancement Technology
METMathematics Education Trust
METMaximum Execution Time
METMinistère Wallon de l'Equipement et des Transports (Belgium)
METMind's Eye Theatre
METMaster of Educational Technology
METMultiple-Employer Trust
METMassachusetts Environmental Trust
METMobile Enforcement Team
METMicroscopie Électronique en Transmission (French: Transmission Electron Microscopy)
METMicrocurrent Electrical Therapy
METMarine Engineering Technology
METMultidisciplinary Evaluation Team
METMechanical Engineering Team
METMobile Education Team
METMeteorological Team
METModularized Equipment Transporter
METMobile Equipment Transporter (Apollo Program)
METMultimedia En Telecommunicatie (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek)
METMany Electron Theory
METMain Earthing Terminal
METMultibutton Electronic Telephone
METMy Ego Times (website)
METMobile Environmental Team
METMaryland Electrical Testing (Baltimore, MD)
METManagement Engineering Team
METMean Effective Temperature
METMaster Energy Therapist
METMicroEnergy Technologies, Inc.
METMission Event Time
METMobile Equipment Technology
METMetabolic Units Above Resting
METMedium Energy Telescope
METManagement Emphasis Tracking
METMulti-image Exploitation Toolkit
METMerchandise Enforcement Team (US Customs and Border Protection)
METMulti-Service Execution Team (US DoD)
METMeridiano Tecnologias
METMilitary Effects Test/Tower
METMaintenance Engineering Technique
METMedical Education Training (various locations)
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The Mets also pack a punch, with an American League-style lineup that doesn't seem to have a weak spot from one through eight, and it got stronger Sunday with news that left fielder Cliff Floyd's chronic left Achilles' tendon injury won't keep him out of Game 1.
MET members enjoyed these exchanges and it appeared that the Emirati participants found them useful as well.
However, 50% of casual partnerships among males with a history of STDs and 60% of those among males who had met their partner at a street venue involved an age-discordant partner.
While some elements of the activity may appear to be program or management and general on a standalone basis, they are considered to be in support of fundraising when any of the criteria are not met.
The number of Antelope Valley schools that met state-set goals for improving their API scores decreased from the prior year.
The ruling will cause trouble for the current administration of DHCR, led by Commissioner Joseph Holland, that was a respondent in the two joined lawsuits along with Met Life.
Because one Southern Kern school, Rare Earth High School, did not meet its Adequate Yearly Progress, or AYP, goals, the district itself is listed as not having met its AYP requirements.
A leading worldwide scientific organisation, the Met Office provides weather services that benefit the public and businesses worldwide.
Installed at the Met Office since 2000, FileTek's flagship StorHouse product is a comprehensive data storage and access management system specifically designed to administer massive amounts of fixed content and its associated backups.
The Mets, in conjunction with their construction partners Hunt-Bovis and HOK, began construction of the 45,000-capacity Citi Field this summer in the outfield parking lot between Shea Stadium and 126th Street.
VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- The New York Mets and AlphaTrade.
Mike Bordick put on a Mets uniform for the first time Saturday, then hit the first pitch he saw for a home run.