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METMetallica (band)
METMechanical Engineering Technology (college course)
METManufacturing Engineering
METMethionine (Amino Acid)
METMetabolic Equivalent
METMetafile (filename extension OS/2 operating system)
METMission Elapsed Time (NASA)
METMiddle European Time (CET)
METMission Essential Task
METMemory Enhancement Technology
METMathematics Education Trust
METMaximum Execution Time
METMinistère Wallon de l'Equipement et des Transports (Belgium)
METMind's Eye Theatre
METMaster of Educational Technology
METMultiple-Employer Trust
METMassachusetts Environmental Trust
METMobile Enforcement Team
METMicroscopie Électronique en Transmission (French: Transmission Electron Microscopy)
METMicrocurrent Electrical Therapy
METMarine Engineering Technology
METMultidisciplinary Evaluation Team
METMechanical Engineering Team
METMobile Education Team
METMeteorological Team
METModularized Equipment Transporter
METMobile Equipment Transporter (Apollo Program)
METMultimedia En Telecommunicatie (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek)
METMany Electron Theory
METMain Earthing Terminal
METMultibutton Electronic Telephone
METMy Ego Times (website)
METMobile Environmental Team
METMaryland Electrical Testing (Baltimore, MD)
METManagement Engineering Team
METMean Effective Temperature
METMaster Energy Therapist
METMicroEnergy Technologies, Inc.
METMission Event Time
METMobile Equipment Technology
METMetabolic Units Above Resting
METMedium Energy Telescope
METManagement Emphasis Tracking
METMulti-image Exploitation Toolkit
METMerchandise Enforcement Team (US Customs and Border Protection)
METMulti-Service Execution Team (US DoD)
METMeridiano Tecnologias
METMilitary Effects Test/Tower
METMaintenance Engineering Technique
METMedical Education Training (various locations)
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The rising demand for engineers brings with it an increased relevance for a strong understanding of metallurgy.
Bulgarian metallurgy boasts a heritage of long years of tradition and experience.
The use of powder metallurgy provided cost savings estimated at 20% to 40% compared to machining a component.
Situation at the coking coal market is more complicated than in ferrous metallurgy.
This volume, whose title could also be Mathematical Problems in Metallurgy, contains a good amount of mathematical problems and methods of their solution, related to the treatment of physical phenomena encountered in Metallurgy.
Erdos Metallurgy is the largest iron alloy manufacturer in the world by production capacity.
ALGIERS -The First International Fair of Steel Industry, Metallurgy and Transformation (SISMT) kicked off Saturday at Algiers' exhibition with the participation of a dozen exhibitors representing the sector's producers and professionals from Algeria, Portugal, China and India.
xi) will astonish those who actually conducted the pioneer studies and discoveries of early Aegean metallurgy between c.
A SOCIALIST, a scientist, an academic, an administrator, a communicator, a researcher and a pioneer of metallurgy.
While variations in alloy metallurgy may improve mechanical shock performance, they can also impact the manufacturing process in a number of ways.
Tribology involves the technology disciplines of mechanics, lubrication, materials engineering, metallurgy, ceramics, surface chemistry, polymer science, contact mechanics, nano-scale surface physics, chemical engineering and surface processing.
He sent his son off to boarding school at the age of nine and from there Rajendra went to live in a student hostel at Mumbai's prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), where he studied metallurgy.