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in 1988 and was the first of what has become a field of over 20 known metastasis suppressor genes [7, 8].
Results of this study showed that expression of the NM23 metastasis suppressor gene is correlated with aggressive tumour growth and poor prognosis but it is not an independent prognostic marker.
Metastasis suppressor genes (MSGs) are known to play a role in numerous cancers.
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Meadows took the studies and looked to see when metastasis suppressor genes were on or off, even if original authors didn't make the connection.
Typically, the substances acted epigenetically, which is to say they turned metastasis suppressor genes on or off.
Metastasis suppression: the evolving role of metastasis suppressor genes for regulating cancer cell growth at the secondary site.
There is growing evidence that mutations in so-called metastasis suppressor genes may promote the spread of cancer, while having little to do with earlier stages in the life of a tumor.
The aim of our study was to investigate, for the first time, the methylation status of tumor suppressor and metastasis suppressor genes in CTCs.