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M/SMeter(s) per Second
M/SModeling and Simulation
M/SMail Stop (postal abbreviation)
M/SMessieurs (plural of Mister)
M/Smiles per second
M/SMotor Ship
M/SMiniature Sheet (of stamps)
M/SMessage Switch
M/SMonths After Sight
M/SMedia and Status
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To increase meter reading efficiency and eliminate missed readings from lockouts or inaccessible meters, several manufacturers offer remote meter reading equipment.
Kenya Power introduced a mobile application where customers can key in meter readings for timely generation of bills and make other enquires.
The Tema Regional Office of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) is having challenges supplying about 4,000 new e-cash pre-paid meters to customers in its North, South and Nungua districts.
The charity says typical complaints include first generation smart meters losing their smart functionality when consumers switch suppliers, aggressive sales practices from suppliers, installation problems and customers still having to submit their meter readings manually.
When citizens checked the bills they found out to their bewilderment that the reading on the bill is different from the reading of the meter and asked Sui gas officer about that on which officer replied that from now you will receive bill according to the new meters.
Fashola stated this during an official inspection of the National Meter Test Station in Oshodi, Lagos on Thursday.
The gas meter range consists of MID approved diaphragm gas meters designed for natural gas, propane and butane.
Designed to maximise capital budgets by permitting two completely independent measurements with the installation of just a single flowmeter, the new 3415 (four-path + one-path) and 3416 (four-path + two-path) gas ultrasonic flow meters combine a four-path fiscal meter with an additional check meter, while the new 3417 (four-path + four-path) meter provides two fiscal meters for full redundancy and equal accuracy within one meter body.
PESCO authorities here Friday said its meter testing laboratory (M and T) has shown good performance in checking of domestic, commercial and industrial electricity meters.
13 August 2014 - US manufacturer of flow measurement-based products Badger Meter Inc (NYSE: BMI) announced it had reached an acquisition agreement with Colorado-based National Meter and Automation Inc for an undisclosed sum.
Figure 1 shows a drawing of a cone meter design with a wall cut away to show the cone assembly within the meter body.
CARDIFF-BASED utilities company UPL is planning to create 70 new jobs after acquiring Cwmbran-based Meter Mimic.