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After they reached the outdoor platform, which is situated on the 91st floor 400 meters above ground level, they watched until the security guard had his back turned before producing a rope and gloves and attempting the climb down to a protruding corner on the 90th floor, the Apple Daily reported.
The plan called for the raising of the entire Bonifacio Monument by about seven meters above ground level so that it would be visible from afar.
The Antennas will be installed at a height of between 250 and 350 meters above ground level, and they will cater to a range of different frequencies.
Computer-controlled hydraulically operating lifting and sliding jacks were used to lift the massive section into place 202.5 meters above ground level, making it the tallest sky bridge in the world.
Callot and Nenna propose possible reconstructions of scaffolding to solve the problem of how bodies were inserted into cavities several meters above ground level (figs.