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In this study, Louisiana State University (LSU) researchers compared autopsy results from meth users and non-users in order to learn how the drug causes heart enlargement and heart failure.
Meth Wars analyzes the popular television series Breaking Bad, affording Linnemann the opportunity to suggest that meth is "emblematic of the death drive that underpins life in the late modern US" (Wakeman 2017, 2).
The police seized eight pistols, eight kilogrammes of hashish, half a kilogramme of herion and half a kilogramme of meth, a Toyota Hilux, a Suzuki Mehran and a rickshaw from the suspects' possession.
During the conditioning phase (Days 4-11), each rat received METH (1 mg/kg, i.p.) and was placed in the corresponding chamber with the door closed for 20 minutes session.
He said the police would also create public awareness of the harmful effects of crystal meth for human health by engaging electronic and print media, religious scholars and administrations of colleges and universities.
In a second video, he sang, "Bout to go score me some meth! Meth, I love you.
The post Crystal meth remands appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Meth is challenging and surpassing alcohol as the drug of choice for HIV high-risk groups (particularly men who have sex with men).
Meth is challenging and surpassing alcohol as the drug of choice for HIV high-risk groups, particularly men who have sex with men (Drug Alcohol Depend.
After Martin Sultzman's close friend shot himself in the head while high on meth, the 34 year old addict had a lot to think about.