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MTONMetric Ton
MTONMeasurement Ton
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A steel industry analyst said nickel prices have recently exceeded US$20,000 per metric ton, or US$21,400 in spot prices.
The nickel inventories on the London Metals Exchange declined from around 35,000 metric tons at the beginning of the year to around 6,000 metric tons this fall.
The company shipped 61,500 metric tons of deformed bars, 31,000 metric tons of H-beams, and 47,500 metric tons of wire rods in June.
Meanwhile, import of soya bean oil into the country during the period under review had also recorded negative growth of 28.83% and was recorded at 124,580 metric tons valuing of $89.091 million as against the import of 143,331 metric tons costing $125.84 million of same period of last year, according the data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.
Initially, the plant has been producing decorative glass for landscaping, which sells for about $90 to $110 per metric ton. Other product grades are being test marketed as shot-blasting material and as filtration media for potable water treatment plants.
Traders contacted by Reuters said China's production of hot-rolled stainless steel should reach one million metric tons this year, up as much as 300,000 metric tons over last year.
He said that government was also determined to promote the oil seed production in order to reduce the import bill and forecast the oil seed requirements at 2,116 metric tons during 2019-20 as against the availability of 105.14 metric tons of last year.
During the period under review, country spent US$1.093 billion on the import of 23,217 metric tons of medicinal products as compared the imports of 22,394 metric tons valuing US$1.072 billion of same period of last year, showing an increase of 1.99%.
However, the exports of rice other then basmati reduced by 1.61 per cent and about 3.346 million metric tons rice valuing US$1.430 billion exported as compared the exports of 3.535 million metric tons worth of US$1.453 billion of same period of last year.
target of 649,000 metric tons whereas a target of 3,037,000 metric tons had been fixed for Gujranwala Division by cultivating wheat
About 421,313 metric tons of plastic material valuing US$ 552.566 million imported, which was recorded at 366,634 metric tons costing US$ 557.817 million during same period of last year.
Meanwhile, country earned US$ 1.411 billion by exporting about 3.380 million metric tons of rice other then basmati rice during the period under review as compared the exports of 2.860 million metric tons valuing US$ 1.077 billion of same period last year, it added.