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MEZMitteleuropäische Zeit (GMT+0100)
MEZMezzanine (theatre)
MEZMissile Engagement Zone
MEZMinisterie van Economische Zaken (Dutch: Ministry of Economic Cases)
MEZMilitary Exclusion Zone
MEZMaryland Enterprise Zone (commercial area)
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Mezzanine International is involved in the design, prefabrication and installation of custom work platforms and structural mezzanine systems in European markets.
As the name implies, mezzanine lending funds make loans that fill the gap in the borrower's capital stack between debt and equity.
Crane Above and Below and Extended Beyond Mezzanine (CABE)
11) The growth in mortgage securitizations has also led to the creation of new real estate financing techniques, including mezzanine loans.
Neil Marks, managing partner at Praesidian Capital, a mezzanine fund that works mostly with established middle-market companies, says the second-lien product came about when some entrepreneurial, nonbank lenders sensed there was more value in assets of some often-troubled companies than the senior lenders saw.
The Emulex-based Fibre Channel Mezzanine card for HP BladeSystem is based on Emulex's 6th generation 2Gb/s Thor I/O controller.
We don't intend to halt mezzanine development, but to bring large increases in retail floorspace under planning control to prevent inappropriate development.
VSS also provides a full range of services to media owners, including advisory on a variety of M & A and corporate financial transactions, private equity financing, and now mezzanine capital investing, as well as in-depth research on the communications industry.
A vendor producing small "blade" servers can put the FC components on a mezzanine card attached to the blade server.