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The value in microamperes of this peak corresponded to the concentration of 1-naphthol, which is an AP enzymatic product.
The high voltage power supply can generate up to 30 kilovolts, but the current is limited to only 160 microamperes, for safety.
The researchers also found that single atoms of metal could transmit up to 100 microamperes of current.
where [i.sub.b] is the light intensity near soil level (in microamperes per 1000 [micro]moles per second per square metre), [i.sub.a] is the light intensity above the vegetation (in microamperes per 1000 [micro]moles per second per square metre).
Two drain currents, [I.sub.D1] and [I.sub.D2], obtained at two separate drains of the MAGFET sensor over the considered magnetic induction range are of the order of a few tens of microamperes. By passing the current signal through the current-to-voltage converter (I-to-V converter) and low-pass (LP) RC filter, the high-frequency noise is filtered out before the instrumentation amplifier.
From a power perspective, this means that a low average current consumption in the range of microamperes is mostly needed, with a rare need of higher currents for several milliseconds.
Though the current produced by the devices is low - measured in hundreds of microamperes - the voltage is high, up to 1000 volts.
One of the long-standing criticisms of the microphotodiode-based device is that the low current output level (nano- to microamperes) will not stimulate existing neurons [13].
The new MCU operates with voltages as low as 1.8 volts (V) and consumes just 200 microamperes (uA) at 1 megahertz (MHz) when the CPU and all peripherals are active.
The patient could adjust the treatment intensity from 0-500 microamperes, though most reported using it with the intensity set between 200 and 300 microamperes.
Other features include operation on an active current of 30 milliamperes and a standby current of just 200 microamperes and an ability to use a multi-chip package to add a flash memory device to the UtRAM.
Beam currents, which control the available dose rate, vary with machine type and range from microamperes to several milliamperes.