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UGUser Group
UGUltimate-Guitar (Guitar tablatures website)
UGUniversity of Ghana
UGUnternehmergesellschaft (German: Entrepreneurial Company)
UGUser's Guide
UGUnigraphics (Finite Element Analysis Software by Unigraphics Solutions).
UGUntergeschoss (German: basement)
UGUniversity of Georgia
UGUpper Gastrointestinal
UGUniversity of Guyana
UGUse Google
UGUniversal Grammar
UGMicrogram (µg is more correct)
UGUncle Grandpa
UGUnited-Guardian Inc (pharmaceutical manufacturer)
UGUnited Group (aka UGOC: United Group of Companies)
UGUrban Grower (online video series)
UGUighur (ISO language code, aka: UIG)
UGUniglide (Shimano Chain and Cogs)
UGUniversal Gravitational constant
UGUgly Girl
UGUniversal Gateway (computer protocol)
UGUniversiteit Gent (Dutch: Ghent University; Ghent, Belgium)
UGUnfilled Grain
UGUnited States to Mediterranean (routing designation; US Navy)
UGU Grade (paper)
UGUnmanned Gear (Metal Gear video game series)
UGUnreal Gold (game)
UGUnderpass Gang (Unofficial New Orleans Saints Fan Club)
UGUtricularia Graminifolia (carnivorous plant)
UGUnemotional Growth
UGUnion Gramme (French; Belgian engineering group)
UGUpper Garage
UGGeometrical Unsharpness
UGUntouchable Gangsters (gaming clan)
UGUndefined Gaming
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If you're into selling psilocybin mushrooms, a careful reading of Microgram suggests, you should avoid coating them with chocolate, because virtually every law enforcement agency in the country is on the lookout for candy.
MicroGRAM (GPS Receiver Application Module) is modified by the latest generation, single-die SAASM now in production.
It was found that daily treatment with 20 micrograms of teriparatide increased the number of osteons (the long cylindrical clusters that bone cells form) at both the trabecular and endosteal envelopes, leading to an increase in bone-forming activity.
We are encouraged by these data since they support the response to the 400 microgram dose that was observed in our in-clinic study," commented Dr.
Under the prevailing national ambient air quality guidelines, the range of 0-50 micrograms per cubic meter of PM 10 is classified as good air quality, the range from 51-150 micrograms per cubic meter of PM 10 is fair while the range from 151-300 micrograms per cubic meters is unhealthy.
6 micrograms while Poland, another non-OCED member state, was third worst with 22.
Since December 2014, the legal limit has been 22 micrograms.
Abubacar said particulate matter levels in the city has also risen to 95 micrograms per cubic meter on Oct.
5 readings shot up to more than 300 micrograms per cubic meter, according to the bureau, seven days less than the same period a year earlier.
Of those samples, 13 came back acceptable, but one reflected a concentration of 230 micrograms of trichloroethylene per cubic meter of air in an employee break room.
Tests carried out in the early hours of Friday showed that local tap water contained 200 micrograms of benzene per liter, far exceeding the national limit of 10 micrograms per liter, Xinhua quoted to the city's environmental protection office as saying.
The legal drink drive limit for breath if 35 micrograms per 100ml of breath and in blood it's 80 miligrams per 100ml of blood.