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MCLMaximum Contaminant Level
MCLMedial Collateral Ligament
MCLMantle Cell Lymphoma
MCLMarine Corps League
MCLMono Class Library
MCLMicrosoft Compatibility Labs
MCLMovement for Canadian Literacy
MCLMicro Code Level
MCLMultiedit Macro Library
MCLMultimedia Manager Collection File
MCLModern and Classical Languages
MCLMultnomah County Library (Portland, OR)
MCLMagna Cum Laude
MCLMaximum Concentration Limit
MCLMaximum Concentration Level
MCLMedical Center Laboratory (various locations)
MCLMarkov Clustering (algorithm)
MCLMonteverde Coservation League (Monteverde, Costa Rica)
MCLMaximum Containment Level (EPA)
MCLMid-Clavicular Line
MCLMuch Clown Love
MCLMunitions Control List
MCLMoore Corporation Limited (publicly traded company)
MCLMinimum Coupling Loss (mobile communications systems)
MCLMid-Canada Line
MCLMono Class Library (computing)
MCLMethod Calibration Limit
MCLMaterials Characterization Lab
MCLMonterey College of Law (California)
MCLMaster Capability List (US DoD's capability-based planning process component)
MCLMicrostrip Coupled Line
MCLMission Critical Leadership
MCLMusic City Legend Drum and Bugle Corps (Nashville, TN)
MCLMobilization Cross-Leveling
MCLMaster Configuration List
MCLMaster of Civil Law
MCLMetropolitan Corporation of Lahore (Pakistan)
MCLMercury Communications Ltd.
MCLMetro Canada Logistics
MCLMobile Communications Laboratory
MCLMulti Column List
MCLMixing Condensation Level (meteorology)
MCLMission Configured Loads
MCLMedia Communications Lab
MCLMoscow Chemical Lyceum
MCLMaximum Clearance Level
MCLMultiple Cutaneous Leiomyoma
MCLMaster Change Log
MCLModified Chest Left (arm)
MCLMarquess College, London (UK)
MCLMotor Current Limiting
MCLMine Clearance Launcher
MCLMaximum Container Level
MCLMinimum Clear Length
MCLMoto Club Luxembourg (French: Luxembourg Motorcycle Club; Luxembourg)
MCLMaintenance Capability Level
MCLMaster Calibration List
MCLMcLaughner's Cafeterias (restaurant chain)
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One problem that can arise with microliter samples exposed to air is evaporation, which can change concentration levels.
Among patients who weren't getting PCP prophylaxis when needed, 36% had discontinued prophylaxis after CD4 rebound but failed to restart after a later decline in the CD4 count to 200 or fewer cells per microliter. The remaining 26% of patients who were eligible for prophylaxis but not getting it had started prophylaxis but discontinued it without a rebound in CD4 cell count.
Tender notice number : P1/Refrigerated Microliter Centrifuge (Immu)/18-19
Over the course of the study, a platelet count of greater than or equal to 50,000 platelets per microliter was achieved by 95% of 292 patients receiving Nplate, and the median platelet count remained greater than or equal to 50,000 platelets per microliter for the duration of the study after week one.
One microliter of liquid is a very small droplet, weighing only about one one-thousandth of a gram.
Killer T cells normally exist in profusion, with more than 1,200 per microliter of blood.
Tenders are invited for GC Analyzer for the detection of gases, hydrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide with -10-1000 ppm detection range at ambient pressure using micro TCD detectors and microliter voulume injection port: Calibration gases, cylinders with regulators, connectors and tubings EMD value : INR 25000
These device technologies for microliter doses and drug depot deployment have broad applicability for use across various therapeutic areas, including targeted organ delivery to the eye, brain, ear or liver, and the delivery of novel therapies such as sirNA, microRNA and gene therapy.
The NE-4000 Double syringe pump has expanded the NE-1000 family of pumps, which includes both infusion and withdrawal capabilities with accurate delivery of nanoliter, microliter and milliliter flow rates.
For example, if a pipette is set to dispense 100 microliters but actually delivers 99 microliters, the accuracy of that particular dispense is off (or the pipette is inaccurate) by -1 microliter.
An advantage of centrifugal methods is that all separations, down to banding in microliter gradients, can be (and have been) done with the virions in suspension, a process that avoids aggregation that may occur on filter surfaces.
With our systems, organizations can confirm that one microliter in Beijing is the same as one microliter in Basel and one microliter in Boston--even if each location is using different liquid-handling equipment and different operators in different lab environments.