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MOMissouri (US postal abbreviation)
MOMoney Order
MOModus Operandi (Latin: Mode of Operating)
MOMU Online (gaming)
MOMail Order
MOMotor Oil
MOMobile Office
MOMobile Office (Airtel)
MOMontana (less common)
MOMorocco (Including Ifni)
MOMouse (medical research specimen)
MOMedical Officer
MOMember Organization
MOPhilip Morris (stock symbol)
MOMortal Online (gaming)
MOMacau (ISO country code, top level domain)
MOMorse (nautical)
MOMake Out
MOModena (Emilia Romagna, Italy)
MOMicrowave Oven
MOMolecular Orbital
MOMarketing Officer
MOManagement Operations
MOMode of Operation
MOMineral Oil
MOMain Objective
MOMetal Oxide
MOAltria Group, Inc. (stock symbol)
MOMostar (auto registration for Mostar, Bosnia)
MOMobile Operator
MOMoral Obligation
MOMarching Orders
MOMobile Originated (telecommunications)
MOMagnum Opus
MOMahavishnu Orchestra (jazz-rock fusion group)
MOMorbid Obesity
MOMethod of Operation
MOMobile Station
MOMarketing Optimization
MOMarine Officer
MOMaîtrise d'Ouvrage (French: Project Management)
MOModern Orthodox
MOMultiple Osteochondromas (disorder)
MOMetal Object
MOMission Objective
MOMixed Oxide
MOMiddle Office
MOManual Override
MOManaged Object
MOMaintenance Officer
MOMichael Olowokandi (basketball player)
MOMega Octet (French: megabyte)
MOMilitary Outpost (gaming, Pardus)
MOModification Order
MOMathematical Olympiad
MOManagement Object (OSI)
MOMars Observer
MOMaster Oscillator
MOManufacturing Order
MOMaintenance Optimization (mathematical model)
MOManpower Office
MOMedical Orderly
MOMission Orders
MOMovement Orders
MOMilicja Obywatelska (former Polish police)
MOMission Observer
MOManpower and Organization
MOMental Observation
MOMasonry Opening
MOMedula Oblongata
MOMorpholino antisense Oligonucleotide
MOMaps and Overlays
MOManagement Systems Office (NIMA)
MOMiscellaneous Operation
MOMcLean Orchestra (McLean, VA)
MOMunitions Operations
MOMesio-Occlusal (dentistry)
MOMostly Orthogonal
MOMicrobe Obliterator (WALL-E)
MOMOD51 (assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
MOMassey-Omura (multiplier)
MOMyst Obsession (gaming website)
MOMusa-Okumoto (logarithmic Poisson method)
MOManomet Observatory (University of Missouri, Columbia, Biological Sciences, Columbia, MO)
MOMagnesia Oil (Haley's)
MOModule Outfitting
MOMilitia Operative
MOMedium Offense (gaming)
MOMaintenance & Operations/Operating
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Microwave ovens produce little radiation that it can only make molecules vibrate.
Radiation is often linked to cancer which makes people hesitant to try microwave ovens. Not only the Food and Drug Administration but even the American Cancer Society and World Health Organization have proclaimed microwave ovens safe because the radiation they emit are only electromagnetic in nature, same as the ones in your televisions, radios, and cell phones.
The experimental group 2 was given microwave oven exposed mice pellets 5-10 gm/day/animal for 4 weeks14.
It is a great budget microwave oven with an intuitive control panel.
More experiments with microwave ovens. Phys Educ 2004; 39(4):346-351.
* What are the key outcomes of the five forces analysis of the global built-in microwave oven?
Increasing propensity of consumers to spend on appliances which assist them in kitchen chores, would drive the growth of household microwave oven segment.
Dawlance's DW-128 G digital grill microwave oven is its latest cooking series oven with its capacity of 26 liters suited for the cooking needs of mid-sized families (5 to 6 people).
Midea is a global leader in microwave oven manufacturing with an annual production exceeding 32,000,000 units.
Microwave ovens convert electricity into microwaves--a type of electromagnetic radiation--that are reflected inside the ovens' metal interior, and are absorbed by food.
But, say experts at Samsung, microwave ovens can get taken for granted, abused and misused.
'To prevent harmful radiation, Esma requires that allowable leakage from microwave oven is only as per International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards, the world's leading organization that prepares and publishes global standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies.'
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