midCOASTMinimally Invasive Direct Coronary Occlusion And Stabilizing Technique
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The Southern Midcoast CareerCenter in Brunswick continues its series of workshops and programs for job seekers and those considering training to upgrade their skills and increase their employability.
MidCoast agreed to "cause" Little Salt to file its returns for 2003 and to pay its federal and state tax liabilities arising from the land sale.
Midcoast Operating is a limited partnership that owns a network of natural gas and NGL gathering and transportation systems, natural gas processing and treating sites and NGL fractionation plants mainly located in Texas and Oklahoma.
Under Richardson's leadership, Midcoast credit union has grown to over $126 million in assets.
After the transaction was completed but before Midcoast filed its 2001 tax return containing a loss related to the transaction, the IRS in Notice 2001-16 made such "intermediary transaction tax shelters" listed transactions.
The company will continue to serve the aircraft manufacturing industry and its global client base as a new business unit with the General Dynamics Aerospace group and will operate under the Jet Aviation and Midcoast Aviation brands.
The Reclamation Order was silent about the possibility that reclamation creditors could subsequently lose their administrative claims or be required to make payments to CIT or Midcoast.
Central Flying Service of Little Rock has bought the Midcoast Aviation facility at Little Rock from Sabreliner Corp.
But Midcoast Interstate Transmission filed a petition for rehearing.
Headquartered in Melville, New York, with 13 operating retail locations in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, MidCoast Mortgage Corporation is one of the largest independent servicing mortgage companies in the Northeast United States.
257,500 for an Upward Bound program proposed by Bowdoin College to serve 60 students in the Midcoast and Downeast regions; and $457,551 for an Upward Bound program proposed by Bowdoin College to serve students in the Midcoast and Downeast regions.