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MIDGEMinimalistic Immunologically Defined Gene Expression (modified genetic material)
MIDGEModified Inverted Downdraft Gasifier Experiment
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Reaction of rice parent cultivars to Asian gall midge biotype 1.
Midge realised there was a lot of work still to do and, while Bob went off recruiting fellow stars to record a charity record, Midge got in touch with the one man who he felt could take it on to the next step, Geordie superstar Sting.
Visitors to Scotland see the country as near perfect, apart from the X-factor of course - the midge,' she said.
Around March 1, however, the sun gains enough elevation to pierce the dark depths of Glen Canyon, and almost as soon as the sun hits the water, the midge hatch kicks into high gear.
In this study I manipulate both primary and secondary predatory fish numbers, and examine numeric responses of marsh midge populations.
Geldof added: "What Midge meant was that there wouldn't be another Band Aid record.
I have been monitoring the situation at Midge Point for some time, and have spoken with residents about their concerns on this issue, Dr Miles said.
The show's presenter, entomologist Dr James Logan, said: "Up to one in seven of us may be natural midge repellers.
Talking about the tragedies that have befallen the Geldofs - the fatal overdose of ex-wife Paula Yates in 2000, and then Peaches' death last year - Midge added: "I have never known anyone who has been dealt such a terrible hand in life, absolutely dreadful.
Midge, who comes from a family of outstanding champions, was sold to Suffolk shepherd Eddie Thornalley, 45.
A team from the Institute for Animals Health (IAH) is aiming to map the genome sequence of the culicoides midge, of which are there more than 1,500 species worldwide, with the grant from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council.