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In the questionnaire, primary health care physicians were asked what criteria are needed for migraine without aura as an open-ended question.
Migraine with aura: "This has all the same features of a migraine without aura but there is also a warning sign at the start of the headache.
Moreover, 18(5.4%) patients had migraine with aura, 49(14.8%) had migraine without aura and 56(16.9%) had tension-type headache.
The results of the study provide valuable clinical information both for sufferers of migraine without aura, where there is no observable increase in risk, and for sufferers of migraine with aura, where the risk of stroke is lower than previously demonstrated.
The assumption of a more strong association between migraine without aura and vertigo [4, 26, 45] was recently questioned.
Precipitating factors of migraine attacks in patients with migraine without aura).
(1,2,3) Menstrual migraine, without aura, according to the International Classification of Headache Disorders (ICHD) II and III beta versions, are defined as attacks of migraine without aura (MO), which occur within 2 days before to 3 days after the onset of menses in at least two out of three menstruations.
Of the 4,927 subjects, 2,773 (56.3%) reported no headaches; however, 710 (14.4%) reported a nonmigraine headache, 791 (16.1%) reported migraine without aura, and 653 (13.3%) reported migraine with aura.
Most were in their third trimester and had migraine without aura. Twenty-four presented with status migrainosus, a migraine for 15 or more days a month for more than 3 months.
For women with migraine without aura, WHO and ACOG have cited no contraindication against oral contraceptives as long as patients are under 35 years of age.