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MFNMusic For Nations (British independent record label; UK)
MFNMetromedia Fiber Network
MFNMaster File Number
MFNMinefinders Corporation Ltd (stock symbol)
MFNMasculine Feminine Neuter (gender)
MFNMiles from Nowhere
MFNMilford Sound, New Zealand (Airport Code)
MFNMulti Frequency Network (website)
MFNMoney For Nothing
MFNMaster File Notification (computing)
MFNMaster File Notification Message (computing)
MFNMarsalforn (postal locality, Malta)
MFNMatawa First Nations (Canada)
MFNMississippi Food Network
MFNMain Frogans Network
MFNMini-Fiber Node
MFNMetropolitan Fiber Network (NextLink)
MFNMantrafreenet (free internet service in India)
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One day he arrived to evaluate a site for a potential homebuilder "30 miles from nowhere" in the Black Mountains around Ashville at an altitude of 3,000 feet.
Humans have long sought the mystical in the desert, and it is still to be found here, both 100 miles from nowhere and even on a driving loop in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.
He and my other outdoor cronies won't let me near the cookstove, and for good reason--20 miles from nowhere is not a good place to come down with ptomaine.
12 Miles From Nowhere reflects the lives, ideas, stories and dreams of people who live in rural communities across the region.
``You folks from Yerup?'', gasped a waitress in a roadside diner a million miles from nowhere. ``That's ossum!''