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mgMyasthenia Gravis
mgMorris Garages (UK sports car manufacturer)
mgMachine Gun
mgMinas Gerais (Brazil)
mgMetal Gear (game)
mgManagement Group
mgMedical Group
mgMajor General
mgMardi Gras
mgMorning Glory
mgMadagascar (ISO country code, top level domain)
mgMaster Gardener
mgMedia Gateway (packet based telephony; between PSTN and packet network)
mgMedical Genetics
mgMagical Girl (fiction genre; Japan)
mgMalachite Green (dye)
mgMiddle Grade
mgMunicipal Government
mgMel Gibson (actor/producer)
mgMixed Grain (lumber industry)
mgMinister of the Gospel
mgMarvin Gaye (singer)
mgMahatma Gandhi
mgMagic Gate (Sony memory card DRM)
mgMiddle Ground (sprite comic website)
mgMean Girls (film)
mgMaschinengewehr (German: Machine Gun)
mgMatch Game
mgMini-Game (gaming)
mgMilitary Government
mgMachine Gunner
mgMain Gauche (accordion, left hand side)
mgMatt Groening
mgMissing Grade (various schools)
mgMeiji Gakuin University (also seen as MGU; Japan)
mgMiniature Golf
mgMilli Gazette (Indian newspaper)
mgMegagram (metric tonne)
mgMonitoring Group (supervisory body)
mgMarine Group
mgMonster Garage (Discovery Channel)
mgMarker Group (various locations)
mgMetal Gate (semiconductors)
mgMolecular Geometry (chemistry)
mgMini-Gun (light machine gun)
mgManaging Gigabytes
mgMagic Gladiator (gaming)
mgMaximum Gain (antennas)
mgMongolian Grill (restaurant)
mgMetallgesellschaft (Frankfurt, Germany)
mgMaster Gunner (UK Military)
mgMissile Guidance (radar)
mgMetre-Gauge (railway)
mgMinimum Guarantee
mgMain Generator
mgMessage Generator
mgMultinational Group
mgMauser Gewehr (WWII German infantry)
mgMulti-Grid (algorithm)
mgMoongate (online game, now Materia Magica)
mgMedal for Gallantry (Australian Defence Force)
mgMenin Gate
mgMiles Gloriosus (gaming clan)
mgMinority Game (financial markets model)
mgMaxwell-Garnett (formula)
mgMiddle Gimbal (astronomy)
mgMarine Gunner
mgMessage Gateway
mgMario Guide (website)
mgMongomery Gentry (band)
mgMeibion Glyndwr (Welsh)
mgMorewood Gardens (Carnegie Mellon University)
mgMega Geek
mgMirovna Grupa
mgMachinist's Mate, Industrial Gas Generating Mechanic (US Navy)
mgMean Grayness
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(51.) On the evolution of Tertullian's views, see also Hans von Campenhausen, Tradition and Life in the Church (Philadelphia: Fortress, 1963), 160-70 ("Military Service in the Early Church"), and Stephen Gero, "Miles Gloriosus." Gero's essay is a highly nuanced examination of Tertullian's increasingly rigorist position.
Occupying a category all their own are the fear-inducing thighs of Philip Quast's feather-festooned Miles Gloriosus, who strides on late in the first act with absurd conviction and that amazing voice, which ends up playing second fiddle to a physique that, frankly, doesn't seem altogether possible.
(25.) Plautus, Miles Gloriosus. Edited with an Introduction and Notes by Mason Hammond, Arthur M.
Parolles is acknowledged as part miles gloriosus, part parasite, and all rogue.
The beginning point centers around the plays of Plautus, especially Menaechmi, Amphitruo, Mostellaria, Captivi, Miles Gloriosus, Casina, and Rudens, and of Terence, especially Andria, Eunuchus, Hecyra, and Adelphoe.
In 1567 Le Brave, ou Taillebras , Baif's lively adaptation of Plautus' Miles gloriosus, was played at court and published.
Considered by many to be one of Shakespeare's finest creations, by some to be his greatest, Falstaff is a plump fruit from the stem of the "Miles Gloriosus" of Plautus.
Falstaff is a monumentally self - indulgent braggart, the culmination of a line that can be traced back to Plautus's Miles Gloriosus and the capitano of the commedia dell ' arte.
Manternach has made solo appearances with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and Cleveland Chamber Symphony, among others, and his stage credits range from Eisenstein in Die Fledermaus to Miles Gloriosus in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum to Belmonte in Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail (Sankt Anton, Austria).
Philocomasium in Miles Gloriosus can serve as an example of one way such a situation might arise.