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For example, if the total CEC of a soil is 10 milliequivalents per 100 grams of soil and bases occupy 6 of the 10, then the base saturation percentage is 60 percent.
In dairy cows, the concept of negative dietary cation anion difference (DCAD, defined as milliequivalents of Na + K - Cl - S per kg of feed dry matter [DM]) has been used in dry cow nutrition to reduce the incidence of parturient paresis [1, 2].
mEq/l: milliequivalents per liter; mmol/l: millimoles per liter; mg/dl: milligrams per deciliter; mg/ml: milligrams per milliliter.
The free acidity of honey is the sum of all the free acids expressed in milliequivalents per kilogram of honey.
Physiological responses of broiler chicken to heat stress and dietary electrolyte balance (sodium plus potassium minus chloride, milliequivalents per kilogram).
Deficiency of sodium or sodium levels below 135mEq/L (milliequivalents per litre) can cause brain cells to swell, causing altered mental status, lethargy and confusion.
Louis, MO, USA) according to the manufacturer's instructions and were expressed as milliequivalents per liter of Trolox per liter (mEqTrolox/l).
Result was expressed in milliequivalents of active oxygen per kilogram of oil (meq[O.sub.2]/kg),
The carboxyl content was calculated in milliequivalents (meq) per 100 g of oven-dry pulp and then converted to mmol/g and the results are presented in Table 5.
The PV was represented as milliequivalents of oxygen per kilogram of oil (meq/kg) and was calculated by the following equation.
Therefore, both AV and POV are required to fully characterize the extent of oil deterioration in deep-fat frying, and it is recommended that frying oils with AV levels above 2.0-2.5 and/or POV levels above 30-50 milliequivalents of active oxygen per kilogram of oil (meq[O.sub.2] [kg.sup.-1]) should be discarded [21].