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MILIRADMillimeter (Wave) Radar
MILIRADMillimeter Wave Radar Fuze
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is a privately held millimeter wave innovation company headquartered in Irvine, California.
“Our new line of 2 Watt, 40 GHz attenuators is a great addition to our vast offering of millimeter wave products,” says Gerry Camacho, VP of Technical Marketing at Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.
That is why millimeter and submillimeter wave observations are important.
Once an exotic technology only used by the military, millimeter wave hardware is now coming down in price, Rappaport said.
Schunk has installed the levitators on a robot that moves wafers 200 millimeters in diameter from a depositing unit onto a linear transfer system.
Handguns in 9 millimeter initially became popular with departments because of the high magazine capacities that many of the weapons offer--generally anywhere from 12 to 17 rounds--which allow officers to carry more ammunition than they could while using 6-shot revolvers.
Using these test variables, a cold mix is considered acceptable if it demonstrates less than 7 millimeter rutting in the APA.
While both the fusion zone and the heat affected zone are small, about one millimeter, the cooling rates are high so that very high residual stresses are generated.
The new 84000 Millimeter Wave Series test system from Agilent Technologies is the world's first automated, high-speed module test system capable of testing multichip modules at these millimeter-wave frequencies.
In the near/medium term, low emitter densities at millimeter wave, combined with the relatively simple pulsed radar waveforms, allow the use of cost-effective crystal video receiver (CVR) based EW techniques.
Vubiq Networks, Inc., the innovation provider of millimeter wave wireless broadband technology, products and solutions, has announced that the company has been awarded a new technology patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office, the company said.