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MILTMilitary Language Tutor
MILTMember of the Institute of Logistics and Transport
MILTMedi-Dose Information Labeling Technology (pharmaceutical labeling software)
MILTMother-in-Law's Tongue (plants)
MILTMothers Insisting on Licensed Tools (parody website)
MILTMothers in Leather Trousers (Roger McGough poem)
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In a span of seven years, the Milt congress, organised by Dubai-based QnA International, has become India's premium platform that gathers the movers & shakers of the Mice, corporate and luxury travel industry.
To Milt's credit and creative foresight, however, he knew that corporate boards were in need of professionalization and he saw Directors & Boards as a vehicle to bring professional development on corporate governance to boards of Corporate America.
"At MILT Congress we are looking to target corporate groups from India for incentive programmes, as well as destination weddings.
After several more minutes the immediate vicinity became opaque when a white plume of milt appeared.
Milt is remembered in ASHRAE through the presentation by the Refrigeration Committee of the Milton W.
She uses a front room as her year-round office for Boyd Realty, and she and Milt live the rest of the year in a charming older home on a tree-lined street a block from the Manatee River, in a neighborhood Brenda has dubbed the River District.
("Furious" producer) Neal Moritz's father Milt was the publicity chief of AIP, which started as ARC, the company that released my film.
Henri van Doesburg, 68, and Arnold van Milt, 49, were arrested as they plotted to grab the 108kg drugs haul using the Seabob underwater scooter, an engine-powered inflatable boat, wetsuits and diving equipment.
My husband Milt's uncle, Christopher Byrne Loomis, born 02 April 1895, Lennoxville, Quebec, married Evelyn Frances Hooper.
As the two play a complicated dance centered around ballpoint pens and risky schemes, readers will find the story offers well-rounded views of past, present, and other family members as well as outrageous exploits and unexpected fame: Presumably traveling on business and spreading goodwill, she and Milt had been piloted in the Flying
Milt's Pizza, Windows Unlimited Inc.; Keith Bryant Heutink and Kristy Lynn Heutink applied to assume a license from Milt's Pizza Place, Milt's Pizza Place LLC to sell beer/wine in a restaurant and for off-premises consumption at 8122 Washington 539, Lynden, Wa 98264.