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MIMICSModel Intestinal Microflora in Computer Simulation (International Study Group for New Antimicrobial Strategies)
MIMICSMultiparty Interactive Multimedia Conferencing Services
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It contrasts with Batesian mimicry, which proposes that harmless species mimic harmful ones to protect themselves.
Materialise has a wealth of medical technology and experience built throughout two decades of development and implementation of the Mimics Innovation Suite, said Brigitte de Vet-Veithen, vice president of Materialise Medical.
The TBARS values of the spray-dried non-dairy creamers analogs/ mimics increased from 0.95 to 1.35 in the WS2 formula as the storage time increased from 0-month to 3 months.
The next time you go out for a walk, try looking for some local mimics. Wildflowers such as goldenrod are particularly attractive to several kinds of flowerflies, or hoverflies as they are often referred to.
This means it is essential we find ways of developing drugs that mimic the benefits of exercise."
Protelica has already received a composition of matter patent on a family of antibody mimics targeted at vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 (VGFR2) , which is now part of its biotherapeutic pipeline.
Arthropods that are not morphological mimics of ants can nevertheless form close associations with colonies.
Based on these observations, the researchers suggested that the parrots may have evolved their abilities as mimics so they could 'begin a conversation' with a specific individual by mimicking their call.
Using a cluster analysis statistical method, four distinct clusters of enterprises--tech innovators, tech mimics, tech sceptics and tech laggards, based on their adoption and affinity for new technologies and work styles, were uncovered.
When you investigate further, however, you find out that it's an imposter--a flower that mimics a female wasp--and all you've got for your trouble is a dusting of pollen.
TV'S Holly Willoughby looks like a timeless beauty as she mimics a pose by legendary screen goddess Brigitte Bardot.