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MOIMinistry of Information (various locations)
MOIMoment Of Inertia
MOIMinistry of Investment (various locations)
MOIMoment of Inspiration (3D modeling software)
MOIMethod of Instruction
MOIMedium of Instruction (education)
MOIMothers of Invention (band)
MOIMultiplicity of Infection
MOIMolecules of Interest
MOIMethod of Implementation
MOIMen of Integrity (ministry)
MOIMethod of Inspection (various companies)
MOIMinistry of the Interior
MOIMinistry of Industry (Vietnam)
MOIMechanism Of Injury
MOIMechanism of Injury (medical reports)
MOIMine of Information
MOIMemorandum of Intent
MOIMen of Issachar (ministry)
MOIMemorandum of Information
MOIMars Orbit Insertion
MOIMemorandum Of Instruction
MOIModel Identification
MOIMarine Officer Instructor
MOIMode of Inheritance (genetics)
MOIMemorandum of Insurance
MOIMode of Infection
MOIMultiple on Investment (finance)
MOIMeteorological Organization of Iran
MOIMinority Owned Institution
MOImoiety of infection
MOIMedical Optical Imaging
MOIMaintenance Operating Instruction
MOIMachine Operating Instructions
MOIMessage of Intent
MOIMilitary Occupational Information
MOIMissing on Induction
MOIManner of Infection
MOIMode of Inoculation
MOIModern Optical Instrumentation (China State Key Laboratory)
MOIMost Outstanding Intern
MOIMitcham Orchestra Inc. (South Australia)
MOIMedia of Inspection
MOIManner of Inoculation
MOIMarketing Operations Interface
MOIMachinery Operation Instruction
MOIModel Operating Instruction
MOIMessage Of Operational Intent
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The idea is to create a gold mine of information related to the business activities of a large collection of companies and also provide a credible source of industry information for news media and agencies,' he added.
Published in two volumes and with over 370 charts and tables, the study is a mine of information on ingredients and the science behind them, together with critical economic analysis of existing treatments versus alternatives for conditions ranging from osteoporosis and benign prostatic hyperplasia to Alzheimer's and heart disease.
The Cost of the Country House" is a mine of information gleaned from estimates, bill books, ledgers, agreements, and the like.
This mine of information is what should encourage and inspire musicians to seek out this music for performance.
Later, on 4 September 1952, Van Vechten assessed Hughes's letters to him thus: "warm (showing how colored and white get along on occasion), intimate, full of references to every living thing, and a mine of information about Negro habits and doings, full of enclosures, rich in folklore, and fabulous in friendship.
Farmers and their managers with the types of crops frequented by dove can be a gold mine of information.
The Internet is a tremendous mine of information, so start digging.
If you are just beginning to load, this book will be invaluable with its "how to" chapters and the advanced reloader will find it a gold mine of information.
His funeral orations for emperors Valentinian II and Theodosius I, and for his brother Satyrus, along with his 91 surviving Letters, are a mine of information for 4th-century political, religious, and social history.
A housing office has been transformed into a mine of information on a Middlesbrough estate.