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Available in three models to satisfy varied application requirements, these multi-function inductivetion requirements, these multi-function inductive-based sensors provide flexible operation and user-settable, minimum range of zero to 90, and a maximum range of zero to 360 degrees.
Ricardo Villanueva, president of Anacafe, said the good coffee prices could be maintained during this crop at a minimum range of $230 per quintal.
Electric vehicles must have a minimum range of 70 miles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles must have a minimum electric range of 10 miles.
Cars must meet safety standards as well as minimum range and performance criteria.
Pendulum sights have a maximum effective range from a treestand of roughly 30 yards and a minimum range of roughly five yards.
Since the voltage changes in the time domain consist of frequency components at all frequencies, the goal of a PDN design can be described by the minimum range of voltage changes, and maximum current drawn by ICs.
The minimum range for proving whether your system will deliver at long range is 300 yards.
The smokeless crackers cost a little more and the minimum range starts from 250 rupees per item and goes up to five thousand rupees.
Once the sights have settled into the minimum range of movement I just press the trigger smoothly straight back until the gun fires.
Magnification 7X 6X Scan Yes Yes Functions Rain, BullsEye, >150, Rain, 1st Brush, Scan Hit, Last Hit Modes Bow-1, Rifle-8, Bow-3, Rifle-7 Regular Battery 9-Volt Alkaline CR-2 Photo Maximum 1,500 Yards 750 Yards Range LOS Inclination Range Plus/Minus 60 degrees Not Given Minimum Range 5 Yards 3 Yards Thermometer No Yes Orientation Horizontal Vertical Opti-Logic 1000XT Nikon Archer's Choice Dimensions 1.
The Quicksider has a minimum range of 40 miles at a top speed of 65 mph.
It has a top speed of 120 kilometers per hour, and a minimum range of 110 kilometers.
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