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MNSMaharashtra Navnirman Sena
MNSMalaysian Nature Society
MNSMirror Neuron System
MNSMass Notification System
MNSmission needs statement (US DoD)
MNSMaître Nageur Sauveteur
MNSMelnick-Needles Syndrome
MNSMetis Nation of Saskatchewan
MNSManaged Network Service (Sprint)
MNSMedill News Service
MNSMinneapolis, Northfield, and Southern Railway
MNSMasters of Natural Science
MNSMadras Naturalists' Society (India)
MNSMilwaukee Numismatic Society
MNSMalton Neighbourhood Services (Canada)
MNSMarine Navigation Services
MNSModular Number System
MNSMaster Nuclear Schedule
MNSmine neutralization system (USN) (US DoD)
MNSMajor New System
MNSMasculus Nutrix Societas
MNSMultilateral Netting System/Service
MNSMathematical and Natural Sciences (various schools)
MNSMobileNet Services, Inc. (Irvine, CA)
MNSMinister of National Security (various locations)
MNSMobile Net Switch (software)
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Twenty-six minutes well employed are worth more than twenty-six years in which nothing is done.
Minutes--those minutes when she sent for him and he held her moist hand, that would squeeze his hand with extraordinary violence and then push it away--seemed to him hours, and hours seemed to him minutes.
The streets were very full that day, but we got on pretty well as far as the bottom of Cheapside, where there was a block for three or four minutes.
A few minutes later he bade the policeman adieu, and, with a slip of paper in his pocket bearing a certain address in a semirespectable quarter, he walked briskly toward the nearest taxi stand.
Jim didn't say nothing for about five minutes, but set there studying over it.
You probably wish to deduce, prince," said Alexandra, "that moments of time cannot be reckoned by money value, and that sometimes five minutes are worth priceless treasures.
After looking at me calmly for half a minute, he began turning round again.
And in thirty minutes them cottontails-- financiers, some folks call them--bid up Little Copper to sixty.
It was so long since she had been anything near the right size, that it felt quite strange at first; but she got used to it in a few minutes, and began talking to herself, as usual.
Every hour and minute of her time is arranged for days in advance.
In five minutes he was, of course, a mass of fertilizer from head to feet; they gave him a sponge to tie over his mouth, so that he could breathe, but the sponge did not prevent his lips and eyelids from caking up with it and his ears from filling solid.
A moment before, as it seemed, it had stood at a minute or so past ten; now it was nearly half-past three!