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MIRMail(ed) in Rebate
MIRMusic Information Retrieval
MIRMid Infrared
MIRMultimedia Information Retrieval
MIRMade in Romania
MIRMarket-Implied Ratings (Moody's)
MIRMortgage Interest Rate (housing market)
MIRManagement International Review (journal)
MIRMetropolitan Intercity Railway (Japan)
MIRManagement in Radiology
MIRMarket Intelligence Report
MIRMallinckrodt Institute of Radiology (Washington University in St. Louis)
MIRManagement Information Report
MIRMaximum Information Rate
MIRMicro Instruction Register
MIRMuultimedia Information Retrieval
MIRMusical Instrument Repair
MIRMaryland International Raceway
MIRMachine Independent Restoration (O&O Software)
MIRMovimiento de la Izquierda Revolucionaria (Spanish: Movement of the Revolutionary Left; Bolivia)
MIRMicropower Impulse Radar
MIRMultiple Isomorphous Replacement (X-ray crystallography)
MIRMaximum Incremental Reactivity
MIRMiddle Irish
MIRMaximum Information Rate (ATMF)
MIRMicrogravity Interdisciplinary Research
MIRMen in Red
MIRMeat Inspection Regulations
MIRManagement Information Repository (Sprint)
MIRMedical International Research (Italy)
MIRMilken Institute Review (various locations)
MIRMedical Information Release (document)
MIRMost Important Requirement (systems engineering)
MIRMaster of Industrial Relations
MIRMetro Investment Report
MIRMalarkey Image Replacement
MIRMicro-Instruction Register
MIRMillimeter-Wave Imaging Radiometer
MIRMercer Island Reporter (Community Newspaper)
MIRManx International Rally (Isle of Man)
MIRMaximum Individual Risk
MIRMonument Information Resource
MIRMicrowave Imaging Radiometer
MIRMedia Information Repository
MIRMedical Inspection Room
MIRMonastir, Tunisia - Skanes (Airport Code)
MIRMinimum Information Rate (frame relay circuits)
MIRMishap Investigation Report
MIRMcGill International Review
MIRMulticast Interactive Radio
MIRMaximum Impact Research
MIRMore Information Required
MIRMolecular Impulse Response
MIRMygrid Information Repository
MIRMatched-Information Rate
MIRMobile IMAP Reader
MIRMission Integration Review
MIRMom In Room (internet chat)
MIRMilitary Infrastructure Requirement
MIRMaterial Inspection Report
MIRMaster Inventory Record
MIRMusic Data Bases
MIRMajor Impact Report
MIRMission Impact Report
MIRMNC Interoperability Requirement
MIRMember of the Institute of Population Registration (UK)
MIRModern Institute of Reflexology Inc
MIRMaximum Performance Achievable Increasing Resources
MIRMachine Initiation Relay
MIRMultiple Instructor Requirement
MIRMissile Intercept Report
MIRMaster Index Report
MIRMidday Intelligence Report (US CIA)
MIRMaterial Investigation Report (GTE Services)
MIRMandatory Inspection Requirement
MIRMobile Information Around Russia
MIRMaintenance Incident Report (Royal Australian Air Force)
MIRMerchant Initiated Return
MIRMajor Item Repairman
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Mir, on the occasion, thanked the ICC for believing in her and ging her a chance to work for the betterment of women's cricket in the world.
It is pertinent to mention here that Zahid Mir has been served as managing director OGDCL and facing billions of rupees corruptions charges.
Board of Directors appreciated the contribution made by Zahid Mir in implementing a long term sustainability framework for the company besides achieving strict financial controls and discipline.
More specifically, miR-26a, miR-126, miR-139, miR-140, miR-150, miR-203, miR-424, miR-503, miR-505, miR-542, miR-30e, miR-33b, miR-365, miR-758, miR-22, and miR452 were the miRs of interest in hemangiosarcoma pathogenesis (GRIMES et al., 2016).
[You are not the lone master of Rekhta, Ghalib / They say, in days gone by there was one Mir, too]
Mir Mubarak Khan, after whom this necropolis is named, was a general of Mian Noor Muhammad Kalhoro (1719-1753), who bestowed upon him a fiefdom (jagir) near the present necropolis.
"North America continues to be MiR's biggest market, accounting for a quarter of our worldwide sales last year and into the first quarter 2018," said Ed Mullen, VP of sales, North America, MiR.
Amir, during his days at Bol News hadgone on regular tiradesagainst Mir Shakil and his channel,accusing him of being a traitor among other things.However, in the picture which is making rounds on the internet, he is reportedly seeking forgiveness', going as far as using pleading gestures to appease Mir Shakil.
PPP Balochistan President Haji Ali Madad Jattak, General Secretary Iqbal Shah and Mir Nawab Mengal were present on the occasion.
To facilitate the identification of an epithelial-focused functional miR network involved in altered epithelial barriers and cell junctions, we expressed each of our previously discussed MetS-FL miR trio (hsa-miR-142, hsa-miR-18b, and hsa-miR-890) in cultured epithelial cells [13, 25].
MIR Premium Plus cards can also be used to withdraw cash from ATMs of other banks free of charge.
In order to identify the differentially expressed miRs between the tumoral and the peritumoral samples, we first constructed miR sequencing library on 6 participants (3 females and 3 males, aged 52 to 71 years old) with gastric tumors and matched peritumoral tissues and then screened the differentially expressed miRs between them.