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MIRIDMichigan Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf
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The plot was observed for mirid damage symptoms which include lesions on pods, cankers on trucks and main branches, and dieback of twigs from January 2004 to December 2006.
Apart from the study carried out over 35 years ago on the population dynamics of mirid on Amelonado cocoa, the authors are not aware of any record of a recent study on the population dynamics of the brown cocoa mirid, S.
This includes reduced leaf area (thrips damage); death of the apical meristem, known as tipping out (thrips, mirids, tip-worm, or Helicoverpa spp.), and damage to and loss of flower buds or squares (Helicoverpa spp.
Evaluation of the toxicity of Actara 25 WG for the control of the cocoa mirid Sahlbergella singularis Hagl.(Hemiptera: Miridae) in Nigeria.
Host l, states Coleotichus costatus (Fabricius), Mictis profama (Fabricius), Riptortus sp., and a monaloniine mirid species that we would encounter again on our travels, with all them from Acacia saligna.
The mirid Collaria oleosa (Distant, 1883) (Hemiptera: Miridae) is widely distributed in South America, including various Brazilian states (Carvalho and Fontes 1981).
I thought it would be too late for me to apply for one of the open positions by time I had finished, and that I would miss my opportunity to work with the-best-of-the-best in mirid taxonomy and systematics, the family of insects I grew to love.
Abstract--Oncerometopus atriscutis Knight and Prepops rubroscutellatus (Knight) are plant bugs of the tribe Restheniini and subfamily Mirinae, largest of the eight mirid subfamilies.