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MSCLMy So-Called Life (TV show)
MSCLMulti-Sensor Core Logger
MSCLMississippi State Chemical Laboratory
MSCLMild Steel Cement Lined (pipe)
MSCLMicrobial Strain Collection of Latvia
MSCLMathematical and Statistical Computing Laboratory
MsClMesyl Chloride
MSCLMinimum Source Channel Length
MSCLMedical Symptom Checklist
MSCLMulti-Layered Speech/Sound Synthesis Control Language
MSCLMountain School for Congregational Leadership
MSCLMalaysian Civil Service Link
MSCLMaterials Science and Characterisation Laboratory
MSCLMultidisciplinary Simulation and Computer Laboratory
MSCLMarine Services Company Ltd (Tanzania)
MSCLMercantile Shipping Company Limited (Sri Lanka)
MSCLMoscow Student Conference on Linguistics (Russia)
MSCLMulti-Scanning Core Logger
MSCLMass Spectrometry Core Laboratory
MSCLManaged Student-Centred Learning (UK)
MSCLMultistep Capture and Loss
MSCLMellen Studies in Children's Literature
MSCLMcIndoe Surgical Centre Limited (Australia)
MSCLMission Schedule and Command Load
MSCLMisclassified Planetary Nebula
MSCLMulti-layered Speech Control Language
MSCLMegill-Stephenson Company Limited
MSCLMotorsportclub Loreley
MSCLMidline Straight Carapace Length
MSCLMeasurement Standards and Calibration Laboratory
MSCLMicrosoft Consulting Line
MSCLMedia Systems Consulting Limited
MSCLMapeley STEPS Contractor Limited (UK)
MSCLMillennium Systems and Consultations Private Ltd (India)
MSCLMini Smart Card Line
MSCLMobile Satellite Communication Link
MSCLMysore Sugar Company Ltd
MSCLModèle Structurel de Composants Logiciels
MSCLMississippi State Crime Laboratory
MSCLMillennium Systems & Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (Karachi, Pakistan)
MSCLMandeville Special Collections Library (University of California, San Diego)
MSCLMassachusetts State Cricket League
MscLMechanosensitive Ion Channel
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Geoffrey, a literary and ecclesiastical adventurer looking about for a means of making himself famous, put forth about the year 1136, in Latin, a 'History of the Britons' from the earliest times to the seventh century, in which, imitating the form of the serious chronicles, he combined in cleverly impudent fashion all the adaptable miscellaneous material, fictitious, legendary, or traditional, which he found at hand.
Victory for Miscellaneous could not have come at the right time as 'Tse Nala' as the Miscellaneous are affectionately called by their fans looked to solidify a top eight finish in the league by registering their 10th victory of the season and an impressive 37 points.
9 million and another 16 cases of smuggling of miscellaneous items of worth Rs 176.
Tareen has said in the reply that Abbasi's initial petition has not raised the issue of gifts however; the miscellaneous plea was filed for hidden aims.
Miscellaneous E&O coverage addresses the liability that businesses--those that don't have the fancy sheepskin on the wall--can face as result of their advice and their decisions.
Budget for materials and supplies works great, as long as the miscellaneous called scrap, overtime, training, travel, etc.
9 billion of miscellaneous obligations for the procurement of mission-related goods and services in fiscal year 2007.
Bertelsen Road (from West 11th Avenue to West 18th Avenue): Work will include miscellaneous cleanup.
Babri Masjid - Political and miscellaneous reasons) 1 Alcohol 0
This provision allows individuals, who previously were entitled to only a miscellaneous itemized deduction, to deduct their legal fees and court costs in arriving at adjusted gross income.