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MISCMcGill Institute for the Study of Canada
MISCMinimal Instruction Set Computer
MISCMinimally Invasive Three Dimensional Site Characterization
MISCMalaysia International Shipping Corporation
MISCMaui Invasive Species Committee
MISCMissionary Independent Spiritual Church (Forestville, CA)
MISCMinimum Instruction Set Computing
MISCMexican Institute of Steel Construction
MISCAllotments for Miscellaneous Purposes (US Navy)
MISCMicrosoft Software Center (Indonesia)
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Stewart and Meikle's The Poetical Miscellany retailed at 1s.
Miscellany's performance, accompanied by the Miscellany Band, will include songs from well-known musicals such as Crazy for You, Barnum, Cabaret and My Fair Lady.
Religious material is again very well-represented, and both chronological and geographical coverage is formidably broad, beginning with Alessandro Zironi's study of what he calls "An Educational Miscellany in the Carolingian Age: Paris, BNF, lat.
The other writings included in the miscellany offer limited assistance in the identification of the author, but they may be worth noting in case further information comes to light.
Since the miscellanies contain the reworked version of the first letter to Ivan, Erusalimskii contends that the idea for the original miscellany must date to around the same time.
The Miscellany is associated with the Carthusians who were devoted to the practice of silence and who "sought to institute an exceptionally strict monastic isolation" (33); Carthusians were allowed books in their cells, and they made books ("preaching with their hands").
The Presidential Papers (New York: Putnam, 1963), miscellany.
His earlier books include "Schott's Original Miscellany," which was translated into 13 languages; "Schott's Food and Drink Miscellany"; and "Schott's Sporting, Gaming and Idling Miscellany," the release said.
The Civic Hall event, under the banner of Midlands Musical Miscellany, was also a chance for bands which are part of the British Youth Band Association to perform their season's music to the public for the first time.
Wolves' press officer John Hendley donates a copy of his excellent book Wolves the Miscellany to his local pub - the Firs in Castlecroft, Wolverhampton - as one of the raffle prizes on New Year's Eve.
The 32-year-old eponymous author of three volumes of miscellany and an almanac has sold more than two million books in four years.
Military Miscellany is listed as a reference/trivia book.