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MISOMaster in Slave Out (Serial Peripheral Interface)
MISOMaster in Slave Out
MISOMultiple in Single Out
MISOMidwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc.
MISOMilitary Information Support Operations (US DoD)
MISOManagement Information Systems Office
MISOMultiple Inputs, Single Output
MISOMen's Island Soccer Organization (Hawaii)
MISOMedia, Interview, Survey, Observation (methodology)
MISOMaintenance Interservice Support Office
MISOMilitary Intelligence: Special Operations
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Entergy had to participate in 23 MISO committees during the process.
Spend 1 1/2 days making bread, beer, kimchi, salami, miso, and cheese with master fermenters.
Ameren, the district's utility is, "transparent" in its billing, so that is simply matched up with what MISO reports.
The White Miso Ramen was only slightly milder and more subtle than the red miso.
Or the Carrot Ginger Miso with salmon, stir-fried broccoli, and scallions.
"We provided the sweat equity and hope to help guide the process," Lamar Davis, MISO's executive director of government and regulatory affairs, said.
Stir in the garlic, grated ginger and remaining miso. Cook until the leeks are soft.
But many others are smaller and lighter - things like pieces of grilled fish, salads and miso soup - and a bowlful of rice is required to round out the meal and ensure satiety.
Red miso is aged for much longer and it has a higher proportion of soybeans (and sometimes has no rice at all, or includes other grains, like barley), which makes it richer and Sake SAKE adds umami, fragrance and subtle notes of sweetness and acidity to dishes - you can think of it like Japanese white wine.
TIP: Fermented brown miso is a miso paste - it's sold in the world food aisles of supermarkets, or at Holland & Barrett.