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MISTMexico, Indonesia, South Korea and Turkey (market term; Goldman Sachs)
MISTMinimum Industry Safety Training (oil and gas industry)
MISTMalaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand (Southeast Asia)
MISTMilitary Institute of Science and Technology (Nirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh)
MISTMinimally Invasive Surgical Trainer
MISTMinor Impact Soft-Tissue (insurance industry)
MISTMagnetosphere Ionosphere and Solar-Terrestrial
MISTMaster of Information Studies
MISTModular Interoperable Surface Terminal
MISTMobile Information Support Team (US DoD)
MISTMedical Interagency Satellite Training (Army and Air Force Hosptials)
MISTMuslim Inter-Scholastic Tournament
MISTMan in Simulant Testing (chemical/biological protective clothing performance)
MISTMitochondria Investigation and Supression Team (Parasite Eve 2, Playstation game)
MISTMultiband Integrated Satellite Terminal
MISTModularized Interoperable Surface Terminal
MISTMultiple Input Sensor Terminal
MISTMosaic Infrared Sensor Technology
MISTMeteorological Information Standard Terminal (USAF)
MISTMaintenance International Standardization Team
MISTMeasurable Improvement with Specification Techniques (ESPRIT Project 10228)
MISTMulti Industry Systems Technician
MISTMIUS Integration and Subsystems Test
MISTMaximum Isothermal-System Temperature
MISTMishap Investigation Support Team
MISTMicrobursts in Severe Thunderstorms
MISTMission Information and Software Transfer
MISTMissile Integrated Stage Technology
MISTMulti-application anti-friendly fire Identification Friend of Foe (IFF) System Employing Smart Weapon Adjustable Aspect Ranging Micro-Interceptor (SWAARM) Technology
MISTMinimum-Ignition Surface Temperature
MISTMultiple-Loop Integral System Test
MISTMeteorological Information Systems Terminal
MISTMoral Issues Sliced Thick (Tom Clancy)
MISTManagement Information System Tool
MISTMicrowave Imaging Based on Space-Time
MISTMan Integrated System Technology
MISTMilitary Information Support Team (4th Psychological Operations Group (Airborne))
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He sat motionless, looking at the heights visible above the mist, and his cold face wore that special look of confident, self-complacent happiness that one sees on the face of a boy happily in love.
All this, I saw in a moment, for I had only a moment to see it in: he swore an oath at me, made a hit at me - it was a round weak blow that missed me and almost knocked himself down, for it made him stumble - and then he ran into the mist, stumbling twice as he went, and I lost him.
He drops his bridle on the pommel of his saddle, whistles to his pony, and disappears in the mist; riding with his hands in his pockets, and his pipe in his mouth, as composedly as if he were sitting by his own fireside at home.
The pace was suddenly checked, and, with much splashing and floundering, a man's voice called from the mist, "Is that the Dover mail?"
The mist now seemed to have become almost a fog, to have closed in upon sea and land.
Had they found the Indians, and were they having a conflict with them, or were they still wandering amid the mist? The commander of the fort was anxious, though he tried to conceal his apprehensions.
The figure of the Martian grew smaller as he receded, and presently the mist and the gathering night had swallowed him up.
In this direction, the sunshine penetrates the dismal mist. By its aid, I can direct our course to the passage of the Notch.
Something loomed in the mist before her--took shape and form--suddenly moved towards her across the wave-rippled sand.
The mist hid me, and the carriage, no doubt full of cousins, drove on in the direction of the house; but what an absurd position I was in!
A mist covered both that and the surrounding mountains.
Granet, a few days later, brought his car to a standstill in front of an ordinary five-barred gate upon which was painted in white letters "Market Burnham Hall." A slight grey mist was falling and the country inland was almost blotted from sight.