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MFEMMinistry of Finance and Economic Management (Cook Islands)
MFEMmixed finite element method
MFEMMultiscale Finite Element Method
MFEMMaximal Forced Expiratory Maneuver (airway obstructions)
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In section 4 we present the mixed finite element method and the finite volume scheme.
The Mixed finite element method is employed for approximated the pressure-velocity equation and the finite volume scheme is used for discretized the concentration equation.
For this reason the mixed finite element method provides a good approximation of the velocity field.
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Morley) [4], and discontinuous Galerkin methods [14], and multigrid preconditioners for mixed finite element methods [16, 17, 24] have been developed for the biharmonic Dirichlet problem.
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A-posteriori error estimators for the combination of the mixed finite element method with other techniques have also been developed in recent years.
2) are the standard and well known ones for the mixed finite element method without Lagrange multipliers (see, e.
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Applications to three-dimensional mixed finite element methods for the Poisson problem and the Signorini contact problem are then given in Section 3.
Bubble stabilization of three-dimensional mixed finite element methods.