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mmH2OMillimeters of Water (unit of pressure)
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The vein pressure was severely increased to 300 mmH2O. The key diagnostic method was echocardiography, emphasizing biatrial dilatation with normal-sized ventricles, thickened pericardium (Figure 2a), dilated inferior vena cava (28 mm), with diminished inspiratory collapse and mild-moderate pulmonary hypertension of 47 mmHg.
Beyin omurilik sivisi (BOS) acik ve normal basincta (120 mmH2O), protein seviyesi yukselmis (150 mg/dL, normal: 15,0-45,0 mg/dL), glikoz seviyesi normal (70 mg/dL, normal: 40-70 mg/dL) ve 1 lokosit/[mm.sup.3] idi.
Edition Description Size(mm) Noise(dBA) Airflow(CFM) RPM Static Pressure(mmH2O)
Lomber ponksiyon (LP) ile beyin omurilik sivisi (BOS) acilis basinci yuksek (320 mmH2O) bulundu.