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MOANMediterranean Organic Agriculture Network (Valenzano, Italy)
MOANMore Often As Necessary
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The moan the mother uttered, from time to time, went to My heart.
Look at me, marked until I die with his high displeasure; and moan and groan for what you made him!'
There was another moan, followed by a long silence.
The important thing was not to let him know; and I dreaded nothing so much as the impulsiveness of the Vicomte de Chagny, who wanted to rush through the walls to Christine Daae, whose moans we continued to hear at intervals.
Again was I suddenly recalled to my immediate surroundings by a repetition of the weird moan from the depths of the cave.
From midnight on the child got very restless, and out of her head, and moaned, and said, 'Water, water - thirsty'; and now and then, 'Kiss me, Soldier'; and sometimes she was in her fort and giving orders to her garrison; and once she was in Spain, and thought her mother was with her.
"You don't want it," he moaned; "what's my little girl to you?
"Why, Aunt Polly, I can't get up," she moaned, falling back on the pillow, after an ineffectual attempt to lift herself.
Oh, ooh!" his frightened moans could be heard, subdued by suffering and broken by sobs.
After the sun sank, a cold wind sprang up and moaned over the prairie.
Now, with his head upon the woman's shoulder, he moaned and wept with pain and fright.
Inside, between rifle and revolver, the man himself moaned and tossed in intervals of troubled sleep.