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Secure-D, mobile security platform by technology company Upstream, has launched a new mobile malware center that reports suspicious Android applications it detects and blocks around the world, the company said.
Combining advanced threat prevention and threat intelligence while adopting a 'hygiene first' approach to safeguard digital assets is the best protection against invasive mobile malware attacks like Agent Smith," Jonathan Shimonovich, Head of Mobile Threat Detection Research at Check Point Software Technologies, said in a statement.
Even so, from a numbers standpoint, Turkey takes pole position for incidents of phishing (1.24m), malware (39m), and mobile malware (87k).
"The Philippines, regrettably, has been figuring in our list of top countries where users encounter mobile malware since 2016 and the growing population of active Internet and social media users play a part in making the country highly vulnerable to attacks."
In the global rankings of the company, the Philippines placed 10th with 26.8 percent users of the Kaspersky Lab's solutions attacked by mobile malware.
Other targeted threat predictions for 2019 include supply-chain attacks, mobile malware, rapid growth of Internet of Things (IoT) botnets, spear-phising, arrival of advanced persistent actors and public retaliation,
In Q2 2018, the top three countries with the biggest share of users attacked with mobile banking malware as a proportion of all users attacked with any kind of mobile malware, was the following: USA (0.79%), Russia (0.7%), and Poland (0.7%).
The new quarterly research provides the mobile apps most often found in the enterprise and their Mobile Threat Risk Scores, the top mobile apps blacklisted by enterprises, and the top mobile malware connections by country.
A newly discovered mobile malware programme is said to be primarily targeting Russian banking customers.
Mobile malware. Total mobile malware continued to grow, reaching 21.1 million samples.
Google patches vulnerabilities for its mobile operating system Android as soon as the exploits are discovered, but that hasn't stopped a mobile malware called CopyCat from ( infecting over 14 million devices in the last year by targeting old vulnerabilities.
Summary: McAfee has released the findings of the McAfee Labs Threats Report: June 2017, which revealed growth trends in malware, ransomware, mobile malware, and other threats in Q1 2017.
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