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MOOMode of Operation
MOOMaster of Orion (computer game)
MOOMulti-Objective Optimization (engineering)
MOOMy Opinion Only
MOOMUD Object Oriented
MOOMulti Objective Optimizer
MOOMicrosoft Office Outlook
MOOMatter of Opinion
MOOMutual of Omaha (insurance company)
MOOMarket on Open (investing/trading)
MOOMemorandum Opinion and Order (FCC)
MOOMultiuser Object-Oriented
MOOMarathon Infinity (computer game; oo represents infinity symbol)
MOOMothers Opposed to the Occult
MOOMutuality of Obligation (legal concept)
MOOMeasure Of Outcome
MOOMaterial on Order
MOOMPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) Over OTN (Optical Transport Network)
MOOMaintenance Operations Officer (US Air Force)
MOOMarket of Opportunities (software)
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The CTR mode of operation is a single-pass mode that uses a preconfigured counter to generate a key stream.
In this strict sense, I propose defining and observing those regularities specific to a belligerent's strategy as constituting a mode of operation. Therefore, a mode of operation is defined as a constant pattern in a belligerent's practices aimed at increasing military and economic capability.
Figure 4(b) shows the radiation patterns of the antenna in the differential mode of operation obtained using full-wave EM simulations in CST Microwave Studio at 500 MHz.
The laser is customizable for output power, wavelength, line width, mode of operation, control modes and computer interfaces.
He said the ambush was "further proof that the Palestinian Authority considers terrorism a primary mode of operation".
"Look Ahead" is an advanced mode of operation that prevents the starting and stopping that typically occurs in singulation.
The modulation concept was tested on the NIST cesium fountain clock, NIST-F1, and found to work so well that it has become the preferred mode of operation. It has also been picked up by others and is being used on other fountain clocks around the world.
At Hayes Lemmerz International, Inc.'s Wabash, Indiana operation, they believe that innovation should be integral to a foundry's mode of operation. From its unique green sand molding line to its self-developed stopper-rod pouring permanent mold casting cell to its intake manifold testing system, this foundry is relying on innovative technology to serve its customers.
Historically, telecommuting solutions have relied on the analog phone line as their mode of operation. For example, remote-control software such as pcAnywhere can be used very effectively over a regular phone line.
The nature, characterization, type, and mode of operation of this form of informal and alternative justice are examined.
A significant part of the new mode of operation at the coldstore is the warehouse fleet that is used to handle palletized goods.