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MoDMinistry Of Defense
MODMovies on Demand
MODMinistry Of Defence (British)
MODMasters of Defense (US Cutlery company)
MODMaster of Disaster
MODMake Our Day
MODMusic On Demand
MODManager On Duty
MODMasters of Deception (hacker group)
MODMethod of Delivery
MODMinimum Object Distance
MODMassachusetts Office on Disability
MODMission Operations Directorate
MODMicrosoft Office Developer
MODMaximum Operating Depth
MODMarch of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation
MODMerchant of Death
MODMethod of Destruction (band)
MODMedical Officer of the Day
MODMinistry of Darkness (gaming)
MODMaps on Demand (US EPA EnviroMapper)
MODMy Other Dad (mother's significant other)
MODMetal Organic Decomposition
MODMagnetic Optical Disk
MODMonks of Doom (band)
MoDMilitary of Defence
MODMemorandum of Decision
MODMean Optical Density
MODMayor's Office on Disability (San Francisco, CA)
MODMinistry of Overseas Development (United Kingdom)
MODMiscellaneous Obligation Document
MODMaritime Operations Division (Australia)
MODManager on Demand
MODMesial Occlusal Distal
ModMask of Destiny (Lego Bionicle fan site)
MODMain d'Oeuvre Directe (French: direct labor)
MODManual of Decisions (EU)
MODMetres Above Ordnance Datum (UK sea level measurement)
MODMaster of Diguise (Nintendo Developers' System game)
MODMaster's of Destruction (gaming clan)
MODMaximum Overall Diameter (small lamps specification)
MODMarine Operations Division
MODMotor Operated Damper
MODManufacturers Operations Division
MODManagement Operations Directorate
MODMARS Operating Directive
MODMolly Obsessive Disorder (Internet slang)
MODManagement and Organization Division
MODMarket Overview Document (marketing)
MODMaintenance Overhaul Designator
MODManagement Overview Diagram
MODModule Outfitting Design
MODMinor Operated Department
MODMajor Operated Department
MODMemorandum Obligation Document
MODModesto, CA, USA - Harry Sham Field (Airport Code)
MODManagement of Development (degree; various schools)
MODMuseum of Discovery (various locations)
MODMaintenance on Demand (customer service)
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The new CLM capability delivers excellent power stability during modulation and over the laser lifetime, plus precision adjustment at all output power levels, with no need for laser calibration reset.
Carrier based modulation techniques are widely used in multilevel converters, since compared to space vector PWM strategy, this PWM strategy has the distinct advantage of ease of implementation.
However, the concept of modulation needs to be further complicated, in order to fully understand its relations to control societies.
For successful demodulation at the receiver end the imposed modulation scheme must be known.
A perfect comparison between different modulation methods was presented in [11].
An important figure of merit in intensity modulation is the optical modulation index [DELTA]I, which is defined as modulation of output power divided by the input power, or equal to the difference of transmittance [I.
The magnitude of change in the autonomie nervous modulation in CAD patients was slightly smaller than that in the controls.
The energy consumption for the binary modulation architecture can be expressed as
The voluntary modulation can be implemented in the member state where Community funds for rural development are paid without national co-financing, ie Portugal.
Although the previous two-point modulation methods (one injection point is the VCO tuning input for high pass characteristic modulation and the other is the potential point providing a low pass characteristic modulation) provide a modulation response extending down to DC, they require specific highly priced components such as a phase modulator and VCXO.
What was the total sum to be deducted from support payments to farmers under modulation in each full financial year since modulation began?
The voice is being used to generate a complex modulation onto an analog carrier.