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MOLDSModernization of Land Data Systems (geographical information system; institute)
MOLDSModem On Line Diagnostics (used by telcos to check data transmission speed of a telephone line)
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At each burst of laughter that proceeded from her friend, she raised, as if annoyed, her white shoulders in a poetical and mild manner, but they were wanting in that richfulness of mold which was likewise to be wished in her arms and hands.
He was not cast in the stern poetical mold of fashionable Indian heroism, but on the contrary, was grievously given to vulgar jocularity.
Her battle-flags bear the mold and the dust of centuries, her marts are deserted, she has shrunken far within her crumbling walls, and her great population has diminished to twenty thousand souls.
So, whereas the captain might easily have been brought to regret his hasty speech had Clayton attempted to conciliate him, his temper was now irrevocably set in the mold in which Clayton had left it, and the last chance of their working together for their common good was gone.
You are a true Galu," he said to Ajor, "but this man is of a different mold.
For that length of time the Great Gardener has sterilized the human mold which had grown over the surface of His fruit.
The ground was velvety and springy to his feet, being carpeted with dead pine-needles and leaves and mold which evidently bad been undisturbed for years.
And on hands and knees, slowly and cautiously, he crawled on, till his knees were wet on the soggy mold, When he listened he heard naught but the moaning wind and the drip-drip of the fog from the branches.
The present book, as a brief sketch of English Literature rather strictly defined, has necessarily disregarded the scientists, economists, and philosophers whose writings did much to mold the course of thought during the Victorian period.
Applying a coating of uniform thickness over the molds was difficult, the average thickness varying generally from 40 to 90 micrometers on the four faces of the two molds.
Molds for thermoplastics in all shapes, configurations, and sizes, including very large molds.
Does an epidemic of misguided construction explain the spate of spectacular mold litigation that we see in the press?