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For instance, Bayer in collaboration with Assistance Publique - Hopitaux de Paris is studying combination of rivaroxaban and low molecular weight heparin for neoplasm and venous thromboembolism, which is in phase 3.
Egg yolk allergens: Egg yolk contained two major allergenic proteins having approximately molecular weight of 70KDa and 42KDa.
The [M.sub.n] and [M.sub.w] of the obtained polyesters were calculated from the molecular weight distribution measured using the aforementioned procedure.
Unless some type of mechanical performance test is performed by the processor, changes in molecular weight will go unnoticed until something fails after the product has moved farther down the supply chain.
Although the animal data, molecular weight (about 868), and elimination half-life (about 26 hours) suggest embryo-fetal risk, the high plasma protein binding (99.9%) should limit the amount crossing the placenta.
Specifically, the relatively high molecular weight and long polymer chain length result in entanglement, and the lack of covalent intermolecular bonds facilitates polymer chain mobility.
In the cholesterol-linoleic acid emulsion model, the 2% low molecular weight chitosan group exhibited the highest retention rate of linoleic acid at 64.2%, compared with other treatments, in which retention rates ranged from 32.1% for the 2% high molecular weight group to 9.3% for the control group.
Gel permeation chromatography (GPC) or size exclusion chromatography (SEC), is a powerful separation technique particularly applicable for calculating the molecular weight of high-molecular-mass species such as polymers.
Size-exclusion chromatography (SEC) has been the most common way of measuring the molecular weight and molecular weight distributions of LMWHs by using the two most common detection technologies: ultraviolet (UV) coupled with refractive index (RI) detection.
This permits the determination of accurate molecular weight distributions without a relevant standard, an important benefit for new or significantly modified polymers where appropriate reference materials may not be available.
"Considering the use of atom transfer radical polymerization, it is possible to achieve very high molecular weight uniform grades in this study.
The web features a solid matrix including an ultrahigh molecular weight polyolefin component and a friable, highly dispersing, precipitated silica component.
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