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Tossed in the ebb and flow of the tide, buried in the sand and often washed up on the beach, shells are the exoskeletons of marine molluscs.
2010), similar to the modern bivalve Neotrigonia, indicating that the earliest mollusc shells tended to be more flexible in parts than in most modern molluscs.
Seashells are a hard, protective outer layer created by an animal that lives in the sea known as molluscs, which is the second largest animal species in general.
The shell deposits are a mix of mollusc species that vary greatly in frequency (as measured by shell weight) by unit and depth (Lightfoot et al.
Till date, scientists had thought that the oldest mollusc in this genus was Polyconites verneuili.
In 2010, clams were the most sold mollusc (2,539 t), representing a total profit of 23,943,000 [euro] (DGPA/INE 2011).
By this means, therefore, Dick made an enormous contribution to enhancing the extent to which the Natal Museum's mollusc collection reflected the true diversity of the South African marine mollusc fauna.
Preliminary tests demonstrated greatly different rates of consumption by the different mollusc species evaluated, so I adjusted the number of animals tested per container to allow for measurable consumption without depletion of diet material during the evaluation period of 7 d.
It's like trying to get through to a mollusc in a coma.
The project, "Improvement of the production and spread of technology in mollusc aquaculture," is jointly funded ($2.
The versatility of the well known delicacy called Greenlip Abalone inspired Top Chef's Chef Christophe Prudhomme (Executive Chef Al Bustan Rotana Hotel) and Chef Jordi Servalls Bonilla (Executive Sous Chef Marriott Harbour Hotel & Residence) to create new signature dishes prepared especially to celebrate the introduction of this first class mollusc to the Gulf Region by Western Australian Abalone Ltd.
Man is no better than a germ or a mollusc, they say.