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MOLTMinistry of Labour and Transport (Nepal)
MOLTManually Operated Lift Trailer
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States for the molt characters are defined by the groups of feathers thai they include.
Specimens were assessed as to condition of pelage (summer or winter) and pattern of any obvious molt. Those exhibiting a grayish pelage were considered to be distinct from those of the various shades of red, brown, and tan.
Molt stages and changes in digestive enzyme activity in hepatopancreas during molt cycle of Chinese mitten crab, Eriocheir sinensis (in Chinese).
Individuals were weighed and CW were measured following each molt during the trial.
The molt stage of these females was determined based on morphological characteristics.
Ancient Murrelets have been suspected of molting flight feathers synchronously, thus becoming temporarily flightless at sea (Gaston 1992, 1994; Pyle 2009), but whether the timing of molt and chick rearing overlap has not been confirmed.
After married Molt, of Harlow, was sentenced at Chelmsford crown court, his victim, now 30, said: "It is difficult to describe the sense of relief I feel."
The genital openings of young males after the fourth molt are still closed.
Our objectives were to determine 1) some of the molting areas used by eiders breeding in the Gyrfalcon Archipelago, Ungava Bay; 2) their wintering areas; 3) their home ranges during pre-molt, molt, post-molt, and winter; and 4) the chronology of their spring and fall migrations.
once locations and habitats have been identified, similar conservation and management of habitats should be provided for land birds stopping to molt (Leu and Thompson, 2002).