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MOMMAMetropolitan Museum of Modern Art
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The holes I'd made for ease of breathing were also making it easy for that momma cat to tear through its box.
Momma Lynn works to showcase the tremendous musical talent along with the music industry infrastructure of the Pacific Northwest.
What Momma Left Me is a startlingly realistic look at young adult life.
He never thought for one minute that his joyous summer refuge would be threatened, until the bus came to a stop, and he spotted his "auntie" with Momma D, both dressed in colorful caftans with matching sandals and head wraps, leaning against a burgundy DeVille.
Chewing momma includes ingredients such as betel nut, betel leaf or areca, a white powder made by burning edible shells.
Night after night Mother's Poppa and Momma struggled with overwhelming consequences, much as did the entire nation.
I was rolling my eyes in disgust as I could hear momma's words, "You be nice to him and remember what I told you about first impressions!"
Her family claim she was meant to be a character from the film Big Momma's House, in which a detective is disguised as an elderly black woman.
When others would have given up, Momma Rose forges on, blind to the cracks in her now adolescent act; blind to the times (and tastes) a-changing; blind to the fact that it's never going to come to good, no matter how hard she tries.
Momma Galya Armolinskaya, 63, is having more sex than you and I.
At the Run Momma Run Winery Run & Brunch, some women ran for the Off the Waffle entrees and semi-sparkling Muscat mimosas that met them at the finish Sunday morning at Silvan Ridge Winery.
X FACTOR judge Nicole Sherzinger has hit out at sexy videos by pop stars such as Miley Cyrus, saying: "My momma would beat me if she saw me doing that."