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MONOMononucleosis (aka kissing disease)
MONOMonocacy National Battlefield (US National Park Service)
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[19] HUANG, Po-Sen, KIM, Minje, HASEGAWA-JOHNSON, Mark, et al., "Joint optimization of masks and deep recurrent neural networks for monaural source separation," IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing, vol.
Patients with AHL treated with bimodal stimulation reduce their hearing impairment compared with the benefit of monaural stimulation, and they enjoy better QOL.
Mechanisms of sound localization and major cues in spatial hearing: a) interaural time difference (ITD), b) interaural intensity difference (IID), and c) monaural spectrum shape (MSS)
In the same multipath environment, MDr will be greater for stereo rather than monaural reception.
The mean scores and SDs for the pitch pattern sequence test, dichotic digit test, and monaural selective auditory attention test for the children with APD and the typically developing children are shown in Figure 2.
A study has been reported by (Cherry, 1953) about the objective study on cocktail party problem with monaural and binaural listeners.
Monaural beats are "derived from the convergence of two frequencies within a single speaker to create a perceivable pulse or beat.
The results of the test sessions that were performed under both monaural and binaural conditions showed that the congenitally blind subjects can localize sounds with equal or better accuracy than the sighted individuals.
[13] Auditory brainstem response recordings by monaural presentation were obtained first by following test protocol given by Hall.
The younger Martin's mission in creating a surround-sound mix for a low-budget, black-and-white film that originally was presented in monaural sound in theaters around the world "wasn't to be a modernized version of 'A Hard Day's Night.'''
However, given that bilateral wave latencies (N/N versus N/S and S/S versus S/N) in response to monaural stimulation were not significantly different in the presence of these structural changes in our patients indicates that based on the volume conductor effect, brain volume was not a major factor in the conduction of auditory evoked potentials [17].
The No.532 amplifier exceeds all expectations to offer breathtaking sound quality and features two impressive 400-watt monaural power amplifiers housed in a single chassis.