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They had gone rather more than a league and had begun to descry the first houses of the village, the red-tiled roofs of which stood out from the green trees which surrounded them, when, coming toward them mounted on a mule, they perceived a poor monk, whose large hat and gray worsted dress made them take him for an Augustine brother.
The pale face of the monk became so livid and his smile so strange, that Raoul, whose eyes were still fixed upon him, felt as if this smile had struck to his heart like an insult.
At this moment Monk is affecting devotion to the Rump Parliament; of this devotion, observe, I am not the dupe.
Still wasting the precious hours," said the monk at length, turning to the eldest sister as he spoke, "still wasting the precious hours on this vain trifling.
The sisters bent gracefully over their work; the monk, resting his chin upon his hands, looked from one to the other in silence.
We can imagine the pious, humble monk listening while another read and translated to him out of some Latin missal.
There the monks and priests lived, and from them as centers they traveled out in all directions teaching the heathen.
The reflection that he must some day be taken apart like an engine or a clock, or like a house whose owner is gone, and worked up into arches and pyramids and hideous frescoes, did not distress this monk in the least.
How many departed monks were required to upholster these six parlors?
He knew the present temper of the people, that those of the greatest interest and power were by no means pleased with the changes of religion, and only waited for a fair opportunity to revolt; and that these discontents were everywhere heightened by the monks and clergy.
With this agreeable speech, Monks turned short upon the matron, and bent his gaze upon her, till even she, who was not easily cowed, was fain to withdraw her eyes, and turn them them towards the ground.
said the matron, interposing, and returning, as she spoke, the searching look of Monks.