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MNCMedia Nusantara Citra (Indonesian media company)
MNCMultinational Corporation
MNCMultinational Company
MNCMobile Network Code
MNCCompiled Menu
MNCMobile Network Computing
MNCMonocyte (Immunology)
MNCMetis National Council
MNCMidnight Club (game)
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MNCMaternal and Neonatal Care (various locations)
MNCMythical National Championship
MNCMethodist New Connexion (est. 1797)
MNCMicroprocesses and Nanotechnology Conference
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MNCMesa Nacional Campesina (Spanish)
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MNCMonday Night Crew (gaming clan)
MNCMinor Collector (State highway information)
MNCChief Mineman (Naval Rating)
MNCMasonry Non-Combustible (building construction)
MNCMedium Neutral Citation (Australia)
MNCMajor NATO Command/er
MNCMissouri Nursing Coalition
MNCSenior Chief Mineman (Naval Rating)
MNCModified Numerical Control (engineering)
MNCMemoryless Noisy Channel
MNCMultiuser Nyquist Criterion
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Patients with another chronic disease (coronary artery disease, hematological diseases, malignancies, severe liver disease, severe kidney failure), a diagnosis of rheumatological diseases or infectious diseases (tuberculosis, malaria, Brucella) that progress with inflammation causing an elevated monocyte count, renal diseases besides type 2 diabetes mellitus that cause proteinuria, a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes mellitus, and active psychiatric disorders were excluded from the study.
If there is an inflammatory reaction, two changes occur: first, more monocytes or macrophages are recruited into the small intestine and second, there is a dramatic change in their gene expression.
Despite the fact that there is an association of early biomarker indicating the initial activation monocyte with ferritin level in major beta-thalassemia patients (22), a selectively relative decreased of circulating monocyte population evidenced in animal model of this study preliminarily suggests a monocyte compartment shift from circulation to tissue as a competent immune cell in iron balancing to respond the iron overloaded tissue injury.
Longitudinal monocyte human leukocyte antigen-DR expression is a prognostic marker in critically ill patients with decompensated liver cirrhosis.
(A-C, G-I) Selected candidate SM-DMRs (A) ALPPL2, (B) PPP1R15A (GADD34), (C) SLC24A4, (G) AHRR-C5orf55-EXOC-AS, (H) F2RL3, F2RL3-CPAMD8, and (I) LRP5 that displayed significant, smoking-associated methylation differences by pyrosequencing of monocyte DNA from CRU-Pyro group described in Methods.
Median levels of monocyte count in groups IVB and IVC were significantly higher compared to group I-IVA (707/[micro]L [540-913] versus 528/[micro]L [441-663], p = 0.022; 841/[micro]L [587-1065] versus 528/[micro]L [441-663], p = 0.005) (Figure 1(a)).
Finally, we investigated whether plasma SGF-1, Ang-1, and Ang-2 levels were correlated to numbers of CD34+ cells, HSC, VSELs, EPCs, and different monocyte subsets.
Chatelais et al., "IL-1[beta] and TNF[alpha] promote monocyte viability through the induction of GM-CSF expression by rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblasts," Mediators of Inflammation, vol.
De Wit et al., "Type 2 diabetes monocyte microrna and mrna expression: dyslipidemia associates with increased differentiation-related genes but not inflammatory activation," PLoS ONE, vol.
The journey of a peripheral monocyte to osteoclast involves three early stages: chemotaxis towards the site for osteoclast formation, adhesion to the endothelial cells near the bone, and finally transendothelial migration into the bone milieu.
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