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MOORMassively Open Online Racing
MOORMassively Open Online Racing (gaming)
MOORMeldpunt Opbrekingen Openbare Ruimte (Dutch: Break Hotline Public Space; Netherlands)
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Between and around these scattered points extends the desolate, lifeless moor.
I am presuming that the cause of his fears came to him across the moor.
The renegade interpreted to us what the Moor said to his daughter; she, however, returned him no answer.
The Moor had hardly heard these words when with marvellous quickness he flung himself headforemost into the sea, where no doubt he would have been drowned had not the long and full dress he wore held him up for a little on the surface of the water.
The slow minutes follow each other wearily in the majestic silence of the moor.
I am laid down in the bottom of the boat, with my saddle-pillow; and we shove off, leaving the ponies to the desolate freedom of the moor.
Mary felt as if the drive would never come to an end and that the wide, bleak moor was a wide expanse of black ocean through which she was passing on a strip of dry land.
The Phoenicians, the Carthagenians, the English, Moors, Romans, all have battled for Tangier--all have won it and lost it.
The Moors have some small silver coins and also some silver slugs worth a dollar each.
I knew where my patron's case of bottles stood, which it was evident, by the make, were taken out of some English prize, and I conveyed them into the boat while the Moor was on shore, as if they had been there before for our master.
He, thinking no harm, agreed, and being in the head of the boat, set the sails; and, as I had the helm, I ran the boat out near a league farther, and then brought her to, as if I would fish; when, giving the boy the helm, I stepped forward to where the Moor was, and making as if I stooped for something behind him, I took him by surprise with my arm under his waist, and tossed him clear overboard into the sea.
Our soldiers had recourse to their muskets, and four of them putting the mouths of their pieces to the heads of some of the most obstinate and turbulent, struck them with such a terror, that all the clamour was stilled in an instant; none received any hurt but the Moor who had been the occasion of the tumult.