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MOOSManual Out of Service
MOOSMaking Offshore Outsourcing Sustainable (est. 2004)
MOOSMonterey Ocean Observing System (Moss Landing, CA)
MOOSMilitary Out of Our Schools (counter-recruitment program)
MOOSMember of Opposite Sex
MOOSMechanical Organ Owners Society (est. 1976; UK)
MOOSMaster of Old School
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Last year, Moo printed 185 million business cards with hundreds of thousands of customers in nearly 200 countries.
Von Moos said the boy was removed from the area by security as security officers surrounded Bennett.
So, for example, a cow that is in a field next to my house in West Oxfordshire would moo in one Kind of way and a cow in a field in the semi-industrial town I grew up in would moo in another Kind of way.
Jason told me he's gay over the phone on a Monday morning in April, the same day the magazine hit newsstands," Moos continued.
Mini Moos has an 80 acre wood and ample picnic space, providing a great day out for adults and little ones alike.
That's when you notice a difference in the way they moo.
MOO stands for "Multi-User Dimension, Object Oriented," and MOOs are an outgrowth of MUDs, or "Multi-User Dungeons," which developed during the 1980s.
A very good introduction to educational uses of MOOs can be found in the collection of articles edited by Cynthia Haynes and Jan Rune Holmevik (1998).
While at Chiron, Walter Moos and I, together with our colleagues, built the Mimotopes subsidiary into a world-class research enterprise and a profitable business," explained Ron Deane, managing director of Mimotopes.
Clinicians and researchers have shown increasing interest in the study of the relationship between coping strategies and psychosocial adaptation to stressful life events (Billings & Moos, 1981; Endler, Parker, & Summerfeldt, 1993), loss and trauma (Gass & Chang, 1989; Katz & Florian, 1986), and disease and disability (Dunkel-Schetter, Feinstein, Taylor, & Falke, 1992; Hanson, Buckelew, Hewitt, & O'Neal, 1993).
MINI Moos farm in Edmondsley, Co Durham, recently re-opened its doors to its fantastic farm park with a difference.