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MOOSEMultimodeling Object Oriented Simulation Environment
MOOSEMessaging Object Oriented Simulation Environment
MOOSEManagement Of Organizational Skills Everyday
MOOSEMaintain and Operate the Organization, Systems, and Equipment (Forrester Research)
MOOSEMultiscale Object-Oriented Simulation Environment (open-source software)
MOOSEMove Out of Saigon Expeditiously
MOOSEMeta-Object Operating System Environment
MOOSEMobile On Orbit Support Equipment (MILSTAR)
MOOSEMildert's Only Organised Society for Engineers (Van Mildert College, Durham)
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Hunting their living meat, as the Yeehats were hunting it, on the flanks of the migrating moose, the wolf pack had at last crossed over from the land of streams and timber and invaded Buck's valley.
Each fall, when the Yeehats follow the movement of the moose, there is a certain valley which they never enter.
The moose is the worlds largest deer, genus and species Alces alces.
Funds from Moose Plate sales support a wide variety of conservation and preservation programs, including planting wild flowers along New Hampshire highways, studying threatened plant and animal species, securing conservation easements and preserving publicly owned historic properties.
This study will allow the department to better gauge the moose population and its overall health.
8 February 2016 - North American manufacturing group Bull Moose Industries has completed the purchase of Manchester, Iowa-based manufacturer of customized heavy-haul trailers XL Specialized Trailers, the company said.
Moose, Alces alces, are the largest member of the deer family (Cervidae), and the largest land mammal found in New York.
The new Hope Street venue is the latest offering from the popular Moose, on Dale Street.
Key words: Alces alces, moose, movement, seasonality, strategy, winter severity.
Willy Claflin's The Little Moose Who Couldn't Go to Sleep, an endearing tale of a young moose whose active brain keeps her awake when she should be sleeping, will both entrance and comfort small children.
Paul Suart @thepaulosuarez Oh, moose just died in your arms tonight.
Pike got calls from motorists who reported a moose walking in and out of traffic in the westbound lanes.