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MOPModern Organic Products (hair/skin care company)
MOPMacau Pataca (ISO currency code)
MOPMother of Pearl
MOPMeasure(s) Of Performance
MOPMinistry of Planning (various countries)
MOPMinisterio de Obras Publicas (Public Works Ministry, Chile)
MOPMilitary Operations
MOPMeta Object Protocol
MOPMaster of Puppets (Metallica)
MOPMeans of Production
MOPMuriate of Potash
MOPMost Outstanding Player
MOPManual of Procedures
MOPMaintenance Operation Protocol
MOPMember of the Public
MOPMethod of Payment
MOPMinistry of Power (India)
MOPMaximum Offering Price (mutual funds)
MOPMeans of Protection
MOPMaximum Operating Pressure
MOPMethod of Procedure
MOPMarine Option Program
MOPMothers Of Preschoolers
MOPMash Out Posse (band)
MOPMy Own Prison (Creed album)
MOPMissionaries of the Poor (religious order)
MOPMeter Operator (UK utility meters)
MOPMovement of Personnel (United Nations)
MOPMortgage Origination Program
MOPMt. Pleasant, Michigan (Airport Code)
MOPMemorandum Of Policy
MOPminimum operating pool
MOPMinistry of Peace (internet information organization)
MOPMichigan Organizing Project
MOPMinistry of Peace (George Orwell, "1984")
MOPMaximum Out-of-Pocket
MoPManual of the Planes (roleplaying games, Dungeons & Dragons)
MOPMicrowave Observing Project
MOPMultiple Original Prints
MOPManner Of Performance
MOPMission Operations Plan
MOPMemory Organization Packet
MOPMarge Opérationnelle (French accounting)
MOPMath Olympiad Program
MOPMaximum Overcurrent Protection
MOPMotor Operated Potentiometer
MOPMagnetic Orange Pipe
MoPModern Persian (linguistics)
MOPMethod Of Purchase
MOPMean of Platts
MOPMissouri Pacific Railroad Company
MOPMinimum Output Power
MOPMemorandum Of Procedures
MOPMouvement pour l'Organisation du Pays (French: Movement for the Organization of the Country, Haiti)
MOPMu Online Philippines (gaming)
MOPManagement Oversight Panel
MOPMetal-Organic Polyhedra
MOPMillionaires on Paper
MOPMobility Operating Procedure
MOPMonthly Observing Plan
MOPMonthly Obligation Plan
MOPMaintenance Operations Program
MOPMessage Output Processing
MOPMaître Ouvrier Principal (French: Senior Master Craftsman)
MOPMaximum Oil Pressure
MOPMinute of Program (broadcasting)
MOPMeteorological Operational Programme
MOPMission Optimization Program
MOPManagement Oriented Process (quality management)
MOPMultiple Output Program (NASA)
MOPModulation on the Pulse
MOPMaintenance Outline Procedure
MOPMaritime Operations Plot
MOPMaintenance Operational Procedures
MOPMere Oblivion Productions
MOPManagement Oriented Perspective
MOPModification of Procedure
MOPManufacturing Operations Oriented Plant
MOPMission Outreach Program
MOPMeter Options Pack (UK water industry)
MOPMenu of Problems
MOPMonthly Operating Plan
MOPManagement Oversight Practice(s)
MOPMothers of Prodigals
MOPManila Ocean Park (theme park; Philippines)
MoPMember of Parliament (also seen as MP)
MOPMonth of Photography (various locations)
MOPManager of Projects
MOPMassive Ordnance Penetrator (US DoD munition)
MOPMeeting of the Parties (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change)
MOPMultiple Offender Program (intoxicated driving)
MOPMethod of Preservation
MoPMists of Pandaria (World of Warcraft expansion)
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The robotic mop used in this research was chosen because it mimics the "two-bucket" cleaning method recommended by HUD.
In this paper, catalytic activity of MoP catalysts prepared with different CA/MoP molar ratio has been described.
Recently, Two Maids & A Mop has provided some suggestions for how to keep your house clean and free of clutter if you are a pet owner.
Hardly a man or woman with any pretensions to selfrespect could be seen at the Mop last Monday, and the thousands were composed of shouting hobbledehoys, screaming girls, drunken men and shouting women.
In a letter sent to Alex telling him of his dismissal, bosses said: "It is alleged that on September 1 you had a colleague order the following cleaning products without the authorisation of your line manager - one dry mop sweeper.
The Pentagon has developed the MOP bomb specifically for destroying hardened targets.
According to Reuters, the apex bank has said that it was seeking to mop up KES10bn of excess liquidity in term auction deposits (TADs) and repurchase agreements (repos).
The alliance will bring the JPO absorbents portfolio of products under the MOP brand, which will be added to the MOP's proprietary blend of absorbing ingredients MOP Plus and some other new products developed by the company.
IDMSCV16 Steam Mop Transformer A versatile and powerful steam mop that efficiently cleans and sanitises.
NEVER wring out a mop head again with the 2-in-1 Spin-Dry Mop System comprising both a super mop and an intelligent bucket.
As with a disposable mop or wipe, the reusable version requires the same initial testing and validation to ensure they meet application and environmental requirements.